Beat the Experts: Can you pick Arizona Wildcats games better than Gimino and Rivera?


— You can still enter the “Survive and Advance Contest” at this site. We have 34 more spots open for that competition as of early Thursday morning.
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— Read what Steve Rivera has to write about at FoxSportsArizona.com


Do you think you have what it takes to match wits with a couple of Tucson sportswriters who have covered the Wildcats before many of the current players were born?

Anthony Gimino of TucsonCitizen.com and Steve Rivera of FoxSportsArizona.com follow the Wildcats on a daily basis. They talk directly with the coaches and players. They are on the field and in the locker room (well, interview room). They have a read on the UA, or do they? Do any of us? Does Rich Rodriguez?

If you believe you do, you can match your wits against Gimino and Rivera. Their job is to write about and analyze the Wildcats. KOLD Channel 13’s Dave Cooney values their opinion so much that he will have Gimino and Rivera as regular guests during the season.

Now’s the chance to say, “Hey wait a minute, Gimino and Rivera, the UA will win by this much …”

The first week of the “Beat the Experts” is here. The following are the rules:

1. Contestants will move on to the next week if they pick the right winner of Arizona’s game and their projected margin is closer than what Gimino and Rivera select. The best pick between Gimino and Rivera will be what contestants must beat. Let’s say Anthony picks Arizona to beat UNLV 34-24 and Steve predicts the UA to win 27-13. I have their predictions and will reveal them right before kickoff.

If Arizona wins 31-21, Gimino is closer with a 6-point differential (three off on Arizona’s score and three off on UNLV’s score, equals six) while Rivera is at a 12-point difference. Contestants in this scenario must pick the UA and tie or beat Gimino’s margin to move on to the next week.

If UNLV upsets Arizona and nobody picks the Rebels, than the entire field retains eligibility.

2. Once the field is down to five as the season goes along, the competition is locked. Nobody can re-enter based on predictions. That five can only move on to the following week if everybody is wrong about the predicted winner.

3. Predicted scores will serve as tie-breakers in the end, if necessary.

3. Similar to the Survive and Advance Contest, the field will have a maximum of 50 contestants.

4. How do you make picks? You must enter them below in the Facebook comment section. All you have to type is Arizona or UNLV and then your predicted score. If you feel you have to explain your pick, feel free.

5. Prizes have not been determined. The winner will be awarded.

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WILDABOUTAZCATS.net publisher, writer and editor Javier Morales is a former Arizona Press Club award winner. He also writes blogs for Lindy’s College Sports, TucsonCitizen.com and Sports Illustrated-sponsored site ZonaZealots.com.


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