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The rules:

1. Contestants move on to the next week if they pick the right winner of Arizona’s game and their projected scoring total is closer than what Gimino and Rivera select. The best pick between Gimino and Rivera will be what contestants must beat. Predictions made by Gimino and Rivera will not be revealed until game time. For those who survived, get your picks in before kickoff or you will be disqualified.

2. Everybody survives to the next week if nobody tops either prediction made by Rivera or Gimino. You must win to win.

3. Predicted scores will serve as tie-breakers in the end, if necessary.

4. Justin and Matt, to make picks you must enter them below in the Facebook comment section below! All you have to type is Arizona or USC and then your predicted score. If you feel you have to explain your pick, feel free.

5. An Arizona-related prize will be awarded to the winner.


PAC-12 Schedule
Week Five

UCLA at Utah, 7 p.m.
Washington State at Cal, 1 p.m.
Oregon at Colorado, 3 p.m.
Washington at Stanford, 7:30 p.m.

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Picks made:
John: USC/OSU/Stan/Ore
Ford: USC/OSU/Stan/Ore
Martin-Rude: USC/OSU/Stan/OSU

The rules:

— Contestants must pick the winner of one Pac-12 game each week. It is their lock of the week. If their pick wins, they advance to the next week. If the team loses, they are eliminated (unless all participants lose in the week).

— Contestants can pick a Pac-12 team only twice in the season. Martin-Rude has chosen Oregon State twice.

— Tie-breaking system: The margin difference is the tie breaker. If two or more contestants somehow last until the end of the season without getting eliminated, the margin will serve as the tie-breaker.

— If a contestant advances and then misses making a selection the following week, he or she is eliminated. Picks must be made before kickoff (the Facebook posts have a time stamp).

— Those eligible to participate MUST ENTER THEIR PICK IN THE FACEBOOK COMMENTARY SECTION AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST and weekly posts that update results. If a person does not pick a margin with their pick, they will be charged the total actual points. Example: You pick Oregon without a margin and the Ducks win 55-13, you will be charged 68 points (the amount of points in the game). If you pick Oregon by 30 and the Ducks win 55-13, you are only charged 12 points (the difference in margin). The lowest margin difference wins the tie-breaker.

— An Arizona-related prize will be rewarded to the winner.

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