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Former Arizona Wildcats QB Nick Foles on Dan Patrick Show: Time in 40 is “Forever”


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Publicity over Nick Foles’ dream season continued today as he made the rounds through media outlets covering the Super Bowl in New York City.

The former Arizona quarterback’s stops included appearances on ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morning Show, the Dan Patrick Show and Fox’s Super Bowl Daily show. Foles’ dream season, one in which he led the NFL in passer rating for the Philadelphia Eagles, continued last week when he was the Offensive MVP of the Pro Bowl in Honolulu.

Among the highlights of the Dan Patrick interview was Foles impersonating Napoleon Dynamite, the movie character played by actor Jon Heder, whom Foles resembles.

Foles said, “Gosh”, in Napoleon Dynamite’s incredulous tone.

Patrick also asked Foles, who is not fleet afoot but still running Chip Kelly’s spread offense: “What’s your 40-yard dash time?”

“Oh, I mean, forever,” Foles said, prompting laughter from Patrick’s crew, otherwise known as the Danettes.

“Is that 4 and then ever, or is 5 and then ever?” Patrick asked.

One other highlight of the interview was Patrick asking Foles if he played his XBox more than he attended classes at Arizona.

“Go to class, but right after that, you definitely get on the XBox,” said Foles, who purchased an XBox One as a Christmas gift for each member of the Eagles’ offensive line as a form of gratitude.


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