2014 Southern Arizona D-II Football All-Stars


Division II Players of the Year Derik Hall of Sahuaro & Taylor Powell of Salpointe (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)

Division II Players of the Year Derik Hall of Sahuaro & Taylor Powell of Salpointe (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)


I’m going to bring out each division separately this year since it can get overwhelming for the reader to take it all in because I do every division rather than just one Southern Arizona team.

I will reveal the All-Southern Arizona team after each division is put up.


Players of the Year
Derik Hall, Sahuaro
Taylor Powell, Salpointe

Coaches of the Year
Glenn Posey, Sunnyside
Matt Johnson, Ironwood Ridge

Freshmen of the Year
Jamarye Joiner, Salpointe
Jeff Lockwood, Tucson High


QB: Justice Summerset, Mountain View
QB: Adriell Alvarado, Cienega
RB: Francisco Dicochea, Cienega
RB: Derik Hall, Sahuaro
RB: Cole McLafferty, Ironwood Ridge
TE: Mason Craig, Cienega
TE: Austin Goddard, Ironwood Ridge
WR: Deonte Williams, Buena
WR: Jeff Cotton, Mountain View
WR: Stan Berryhill, Mountain View
WR: Quaundre Yancy, Sahuaro
OL: Bryce Fontana, Cienega
OL: Antonio Moreno, Cienega
OL: Josh Rodriguez, Sahuaro
OL: Chase Laurita, Ironwood Ridge
OL: Andrew Palomares, Salpointe Catholic
OL: Aaron Burnett, Ironwood Ridge
OL: David Martinez, Salpointe Catholic
UT: Michael Franzese, Ironwood Ridge
PR: Michael Grijalva, Sunnyside
P: Matt Aragon, Cienega
K: Jacob Meeker-Hackett, Cienega

QB: Stephen Miller, Sahuaro
QB: Dylan Key, Ironwood Ridge
RB: Freddy McCarty, Nogales
RB: Carlos Lara, Sunnyside
RB: Taylor Powell, Salpointe
TE: Robert Ronquillo, Nogales
TE: Jake Ksiazek, Salpointe Catholic
WR: Jiovonni Ortega, Buena
WR: Terrence Johnson, Cienega
WR: Jamarye Joiner, Salpointe Catholic
WR: Matt Solverson, Ironwood Ridge
OL: Michael Maxwell, Sunnyside
OL: Grady McCoy, Buena
OL: Paul O’Donnell, Mountain View
OL: Efrain Segoviano, Tucson High
OL: Dylan Giangardella, Sahuaro
OL: JP Ramirez, Mountain View
OL: Joe Tavizon, Cienega
UT: Austin Perkins, Tucson High
PR: Stan Berryhill, Mountain View
P: Nathan Farmer, Ironwood Ridge
K: Demetri Fotinos, Sahuaro

QB: Jordan Haymore, Buena
QB: Nick O’Hagin, Sunnyside
RB: Alex Courtemanche, Desert View
RB: Dominic Salaz, Salpointe
RB: Benny Acosta, Ironwood Ridge
TE: Christopher Babyak, Ironwood Ridge
WR: Anthony Peralta, Sunnyside
WR: Juan Avalos, Sunnyside
WR: Omar Lloyd, Sahuaro
WR: Nakai Arvizu, Salpointe Catholic
OL; William Partridge, Buena
OL: Ryan Van Burken, Cienega
OL: Ralph Encinas, Sunnyside
OL: Dylan Eickmeyer, Salpointe Catholic
OL: Alex Munoz, Tucson High
OL: Ronnie Barajas, Tucson High
UT: Tre Stewart-Ruiz, Cienega
PR: Jared McKemy, Ironwood Ridge
P: Luis Lopez, Desert View
K: Gaona Julian, Tucson High

QB: Jorge Flores, Tucson High
QB: Kevin Zuniga, Nogales
RB: DeAndre Williams, Tucson High
RB: Michael Meza, Desert View
RB: Dalton Pakkala, Ironwood Ridge
TE: Jacob Miller, Sahuaro
WR: Matt Aragon, Cienega
WR: Josh Marlowe, Mountain View
WR: Alan Ortega, Nogales
WR: Corey Matthews, Mountain View
WR: Tommy Lawrence, Mountain View
OL: Griffin Facciano, Ironwood Ridge
OL: Austin Martinez, Ironwood Ridge
OL: Chris Walker, Ironwood Ridge
OL: Colt Solberg, Mountain View
OL: Keian Anderson, Mountain View
OL: Kage Anderson, Mountain View
UT: Mark Garcia, Desert View
PR: Nakai Arvizu, Salpointe Catholic
P: Austin Perkins, Tucson High
K: Cameron Scharf, Salpointe Catholic


DL: Justin Holt, Salpointe Catholic
DL: Aaron Sanders, Sunnyside
DL: Derek Sommers, Cienega
DL: Ty Schlagel, Cienega
DL: Miguel Cardenas, Sunnyside
DL: Michael Hernandez, Nogales
DL- Austin Goddard, Ironwood Ridge
LB: Taylor Powell, Salpointe Catholic
LB: JP Ramirez, Mountain View
LB: Nick Mazziotti, Ironwood Ridge
LB: Will Walker, Cienega
LB: Coy Colgate, Nogales
LB: Ruben Figueroa, Sunnyside
DB: Teauntae Nash, Salpointe Catholic
DB: Omar Lloyd, Sahuaro
DB: Terrence Johnson, Cienega
DB: Harrison Beemiller, Ironwood Ridge
DB: Jared McKemy, Ironwood Ridge

DL: Pete Rodriguez, Tucson High
DL: Ronnie Parra, Sunnyside
DL: Shawn Boutte, Buena
DL: Jorge Watson, Nogales
DL: Francisco Jimenez, Sahuaro
DL: Jaylyn Juan, Salpointe Catholic
DL: Aaron Budd, Mountain View
LB: Seth Doser, Buena
LB: Trevor Johnston, Cienega
LB: Angel Soto, Desert View
LB: Andrew Filiberti, Sahuaro
LB: Deshay Ramos, Sunnyside
LB: Jake Ksiazek, Salpointe Catholic
LB: Sam Ross, Mountain View
DB: Que Brown, Cienega
DB: Jacob Valdez, Buena
DB: Casey Carnaghi, Sahuaro
DB: Zach Silva, Nogales
DB: Deandre Williams, Tucson High
DB: Justin Gauna, Mountain View

DL: Hunter Ward, Mountain View
DL: Julien Arechaga, Salpointe
DL: Ernie Escarcega, Tucson High
DL: Ricardo Jayassi, Nogales
DL: Cole Marmor, Ironwood Ridge
DL: Anderson Schmig, Buena
DL: Jose Macias, Sunnyside
LB: Clay Branton, Tucson High
LB: Mike Alvarez, Tucson High
LB: Tommy Sayre, Salpointe Catholic
LB: Ben West, Salpointe
LB: Michael Ayers, Ironwood Ridge
LB: Nicholas Sandoval, Tucson High
DB: Tommy Lawrence, Mountain View
DB: Edward Miranda, Tucson High
DB: Seima Groves, Buena
DB: DeUntae Youngblood, Buena
DB: Matt Gerlach, Salpointe
DB: Dominic Pedrotty, Salpointe

DL: Bryce Fontana, Cienega
DL: Ryan Vanbukren, Cienega
DL: Jonathan Gonzalez, Ironwood Ridge
DL: Kennon Nunez, Ironwood Ridge
DL: Wilson Keyshawn, Tucson High
DL: Mason Craig, Cienega
DL: Samuel Wood, Sahuaro
LB: Austin Vaughan, Cienega
LB: Dominic Campas, Ironwood Ridge
LB: Bryan Lopez, Tucson High
LB: Romello Michaels, Mountain View
LB: Jake Darrow, Mountain View
LB: Alex Balmaceda, Sunnyside
DB: Lawrence Wallace, Tucson High
DB: Gabe Villa, Ironwood Ridge
DB: Dominic Quihuis, Ironwood Ridge
DB: Chris Summerset, Mountain View
DB: Ricky Maracigan, Mountain View
DB: Damion Shepherd, Mountain View

Andy Morales was recognized by the AIA as the top high school reporter in 2014 and has been a youth, high school and college coach for over 30 years. His own children have won multiple state high school championships and were named to all-state teams. Competing in hockey, basketball, baseball and track & field in high school, his unique perspective can only be found here, on AIA365.com and on the pages of the Vail Voice and the Tanque Verde Voice. Contact Andy Morales at AMoralesMyTucson@yahoo.com


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