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Stuart Scott’s studio call of Arizona Wildcats’ 2012 CWS title



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Longtime ESPN announcer Stuart Scott who passed away this morning from cancer, was on the set with Linda Cohn the night Arizona won the College World Series in 2012.

The fun and effervescent Scott, only 49, mentioned during his description of Arizona’s celebration after the 4-1 victory over South Carolina: “Everybody dog pile, jump all over everybody, throw bats up in the air. Nobody get hurt.”

Almost two years later, last June, Scott managed one of his last performances with ESPN before undergoing more cancer treatments. He announced the Spurs’ trophy presentation after they won the NBA title.

He reportedly did 300 pushups earlier that day. He was equally strong in faith and love for his daughters to this his dying day.

Rest in peace Mr. Scott. You will always be cool like the other side of the pillow.


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