Division II Girl’s Soccer All-Stars


Coaches of the Year
Becky Barry, Salpointe
David Lemon, Catalina Foothills

Players of the Year
Allison Raniere, Sahuaro
Emily Parker, Catalina Foothills

First Team
Emily Parker, Catalina Foothills
Meghan Herath, Catalina Foothills
Shania Pablo, Tucson
Megan Felix, Sahuaro
Jessica Nelson, Ironwood Ridge
Yessenia Contreras Tucson
Allison Raniere, Sahuaro
Maury Urcadez, Tucson
Sabrina Zepp, Tucson
Bryanna Sanchez, Salpointe Catholic
Victoria Cooper, Ironwood Ridge
Olivia Lai, Catalina Foothills
Taylor Gutierrez, Tucson
Hope Seasholes, Salpointe Catholic
Jacqueline Leyva, Sabino
Jaclyn Wittke, Sahuaro
Holly Ross, Ironwood Ridge
Sarah Lansey, Catalina Foothills
Sam Weisband, Catalina Foothills
Daniela Sanchez, Sabino

Second Team
Alexis Hernandez, Ironwood Ridge
Payton Maxwell, Catalina Foothills
Ayla Navarro, Rincon/University
Marlee Raniere, Sahuaro
Sarah Morales, Tucson
Derevage Destiny, Marana
Darby McAllister, Mountain View
Emily Gallagher, Sahuaro
Allison James, Catalina Foothills
Jiaying Brust, Salpointe Catholic
Lauren Bollinger, Salpointe Catholic
Hannah Laulusa, Marana
Mikayla Campagne, Sabino
Sarah Lansey, Catalina Foothills
Jasmine Vereen, Ironwood Ridge
Bailey Pedersen, Mountain View
Taylor Bigelow, Salpointe Catholic
Mary Grace DeSilva, Ironwood Ridge
Paloma Mars, Salpointe Catholic
Megan Logue, Ironwood Ridge

Third Team
Alondra Hernandez, Cholla
Sarah Bock, Ironwood Ridge
Reilly Kalina, Marana
Becky Monroy, Catalina Foothills
Addison Plumer, Rincon/University
Lila Evans, Sabino
Lexi Kime, Catalina Foothills
Ayla Navarro, Rincon/University
Nerri Hermosillo, Sahuaro
Stacie Sivertson, Sahuaro
Maury Urcadez, Tucson
Natalie Lopez, Tucson
Louise Stuckland, Mountain View
Whitney Weaver, Mountain View
Marisa Llamas, Ironwood Ridge
Alexandria Skidmore, Catalina Foothills
Kaylee Sicilian, Salpointe Catholic
Jhovanni Aguilar, Sahuaro
Sienna Samorano, Tucson
Brittany Taylor, Sahuaro


Andy Morales was recognized by the AIA as the top high school reporter in 2014 and has been a youth, high school and college coach for over 30 years. His own children have won multiple state high school championships and were named to all-state teams. Competing in hockey, basketball, baseball and track & field in high school, his unique perspective can only be found here, on AIA365.com and on the pages of the Vail Voice and the Tanque Verde Voice. Contact Andy Morales at AMoralesMyTucson@yahoo.com


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