Cienega wins softball championship


Andy Morales/

Andy Morales/

Monday, May 18: Farrington Softball Stadium (ASU)

No. 4 Cienega 9, No. 2 Salpointe 2

There is a popular sports myth that puts forth the “wisdom” that it’s difficult to beat a team three times in one season. Tell that to the Cienega softball team.

The Bobcats defeated Salpointe 9-2 Tuesday night to capture the Division II championship and the win was the third over the Lancers this year. No, the third time may not have been difficult, but it was impressive.

The Bobcats (26-8) had the toughest strength of schedule in Division II (8.8743) with Salpointe (29-8) heavily factored into that formula. The second-seeded Lancers were clearly the class of the regular season but No. 4 Cienega always found a way to get the win…



San Manuel (9)
1977: 4A (Sheila Baize)
1979: 4A (Sheila Baize)
1980: 4A (Sheila Baize)
1981: 3A (Sheila Baize)
1982: 3A (Sheila Baize)
1990: 3A (Jeff Rupright)
1994: 3A (Jeff Rupright)
2013: D4 (Deanne Brewer)
2014: D4 (Deanne Brewer)

Sahuaro (8)
1984: 5A (Jim Higgins)
1985: 5A (Jim Higgins)
1988: 5A (Billy Lopez)
1989: 4A/5A (Billy Lopez)
1991: 5A (Billy Lopez)
1992: 4A (Billy Lopez)
1993: 4A (Billy Lopez)
2001: 4A (Billy Lopez)

Canyon del Oro (8)
1991: 5A (Kathy McQuown)
2001: 5A (Dee Dinota)
2005: 5A (Kelly Fowler)
2007: 4A-I (Amy Swiderski)
2008: 4A-I (Amy Swiderski)
2009: 4A-I (Amy Swiderski)
2011: 4A-I (Kelly Fowler)
2012: D-II (Stephanie Nicholson)

Santa Cruz (5)
1979: 3A (Rosie Starks)
1980: 3A (Rosie Starks)
2000: 3A (Ernie Montijo)
2006: 3A (Andrea Reyes)
2008: 3A (Andrea Reyes)

Flowing Wells (4)
1884: 4A (Debbie Cutrer)
1999: 5A (Armando Quiroz)
2000: 5A (Armando Quiroz)
2002: 5A (Armando Quiroz)

Benson (3)
2006: 2A (Shad Housley)
2008: 2A (Shad Housley)
2011: 2A (Manny Ellsworth)

Cienega (2)
2010: 4A-I (Eric Tatham)
2015: D-II (Eric Tatham)

Desert Christian (2)
1998: 1A (Bill Moten)
1999: 1A (Gerald Dawson)

Palo Verde Christian/Pusch Ridge (2)
1997: 1A (Tom Armour)
2012: D-IV (Bob Vance

Sabino (2)
1991: 4A (Bill Belt)
2005: 4A (Galen Paton)

Sahuarita (2)
1999: 3A (Chris Fanning)
2011: 4A-II (Chris Fanning)

Salpointe (2)
1993: 5A (Stacy Hill Iveson)
1996: 5A (Phil Gruensfelder)

Thatcher (2)
2002: 2A (Rachel Motes)
2003: 2A (Rachel Motes)

Bowie/San Simon (1)
1990: 1A (Mike Peterson)

Desert View (1)
2000: 4A (Bert Otero)

Empire (1)
2015: D-III (Shannon Woolridge)

Ironwood Ridge (1)
2014: D-II (Rich Alday)

Pueblo (1)
1990: 4A (Lisa Pina)

Rincon (1)
2002: 4A (Russ Proctor)

Santa Rita (1)
1980: 5A (Jan Dunlap)

Sunnyside (1)
2007: 5A-II (Pete Palomarez)

Willcox (1)
2010: 1A (Mike Patterson)


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