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Social media reactions: Arizona Wildcats presence strong in Golden State’s Game 1 win



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How true is this statement, especially with that Nerf ball in the bedroom?

His late-game defense on LeBron James and clutch three-point shooters has Andre Iguodala as the leader in the clubhouse for NBA Finals MVP honors

Hey can we give a little attention to Iguodala instead of Stephen Curry’s daughter this one time? …


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This about says it all for Steve Kerr, doesn’t it?

Kerr was standing just as tall as big ol’ Dikembe after tonight’s thrilling win. …


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What he said …

Who remembers Kerr from these long-gone days?


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What’s to argue? …

All in …


If anybody knows of the result of hard work it’s Matt Muehlebach

And Kerr would match Michael Jordan’s six rings …

I am guessing Iguodala does not call him Coach Walton (too close in playing age with each other) …

Many have forgotten of Bret Brielmaier, which is unfortunate. A former walk-on who much like Josh Pastner went to Arizona to learn coaching from Lute Olson.

Somebody remarked after this Tweet that Sean Miller likely coughed a couple of times as well …

This must mean Brielmaier is comfortable in his own skin (not to sound like a commercial) …

Good coaching job by Kerr by not focusing too much on James and keeping an eye on the supporting cast. … publisher, writer and editor Javier Morales is a former Arizona Press Club award winner. He has also written articles for Bleacher Report and Lindy’s College Sports.

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