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Spoiler Alert: Jud Buechler is one of Arizona’s “Overlooked Five” when it comes to the NBA draft

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In the history of the Arizona Wildcats program 13 players have gone on to play at least 10 years in the NBA.

Five of them were not taken in the first round of the NBA draft.

If longevity is the barometer of a successful NBA career — as it should because it shows overall value — the general managers and scouts whiffed when it came to these five players. We will showcase them here as the Arizona Wildcats’ NBA Draft All-Overlooked Team.

Not many at the time of their selection questioned it much. After all, for the “Overlooked Five” to slip past the first round, not much was thought of them entering the draft.

This should serve notice to players like Brandon Ashley and T.J. McConnell that if given the opportunity in the NBA, they must make the absolute most of it. Ashley and McConnell are not showing up in most mock drafts for the first two rounds of Thursday’s NBA draft, especially McConnell, who brings the proverbial lunch pail to the gym every day.

McConnell will likely have to try to become the first Arizona player to sustain an NBA career without being drafted.

If undrafted Matthew Dellavedova of St. Mary’s can steal headlines in the NBA Finals for Cleveland, why not McConnell?

As quoted by Steve Rivera of and, Sean Miller sees a parallel between McConnell and Dellavedova.

“They play very hard on both ends and I think they have a way of blending in with great players,” Miller said.

The following slideshow should provide Ashley and McConnell some inspiration as they watch the NBA draft from home Thursday night …


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