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Arizona Wildcats NBA Draft All-Overlooked Team

[tps_title]SEAN ROOKS, C, 6’10”, 250[/tps_title]

[tps_header]1992 second round (30th pick overall)[/tps_header]

Note: In today’s NBA, Rooks would have been the last pick of the first round with 30 teams. Back then, the league had 27 teams.

Taken by: Dallas

NBA duration: 12 seasons, 749 games played.

Facts: Rooks played more games in his NBA career than 16 players taken in the first round that year, including Arkansas’ Oliver Miller (493 games) and Pac-10 standouts Don MacLean (319), Adam Keefe (617) and Harold Miner (200). Keefe incredibly was taken as the No. 10 pick overall by Atlanta.

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