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Slideshow: Analyzing Arizona Wildcats’ non-stop 12-week schedule

[tps_title]There are no “byes” in college football[/tps_title]



Former Tucson Citizen sportswriter Dave Petruska, who covered Arizona’s football team during the Larry Smith and Dick Tomey years, wants to set the record straight.

“First, I hope, you use ‘off week’ instead of the incorrect use of ‘bye’, because there are no byes in college football,” Petruska wrote me in a message. “Or use ‘played 11 straight games’.”

Written like a true professional journalist. Petruska is correct.

The definition of the word “bye” does not apply to a team having a week off in college football unless it’s in a tournament. The College Football Playoff system does not even have a bye — yet.

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