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Lions Den Invite: Salpointe wins title plus small schools make noise


Salpointe Carly Lowry has committed to play for San Francisco (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)

Salpointe’s Carly Lowry has committed to play for San Francisco (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)

MVHS Lions Den Invitational

Oct. 9-10

The Lions Den Invitational proved to be a mixture of some of the best talent Southern Arizona has to offer regardless of school size. Besides the usual “Big School” powers such as Salpointe, Sahuaro, Tucson and Cienega, Marana Mountain View was able to attract Division IV and V powers Pima, Thatcher and St. David.

While most of the excitement came from the “smaller” program, Salpointe was able to make it through the 88-match maze almost untouched to capture the championship over Sahuaro in a one-set-take-all final….


Ashtyn Lunt, Thatcher

Carly Lowry, Salpointe
Alanna Duarte, Salpointe
Peyton Lewis, Salpointe
Brielle Sterns, Sahuaro
Abi Nash, Sahuaro
Morgan Nash, Sahuaro
Mia Sokolowski, Tucson
Bailey Gin, Tucson
Kaillee Kay, Pima
Lyrica Tavesi, Pima
Trasea Brown, Mountain View

Honorable mention
Danica Rowan, Thatcher
Ciara Walden, Cienega
Samantha Stinnett, Catalina Foothills
Kelsi Elinski, Gilbert Classical
Jazzmyn Hughes, Mountain View

Pool Play Results
Salpointe over Cholla
Salpointe over Sunnyside
Salpointe over Sahuarita
Salpointe over Nogales
Cienega over Santa Cruz
Cienega over Buena
Cienega over St. David
Cienega over Catalina Foothills
Tucson over Gilbert Classical
Tucson over Kofa
Tucson over Pima
Tucson over Flowing Wells
Mountain View over Immaculate Heart
Mountain View over Rio Rico
Mountain View over Cesar Chavez
Mountain View over Thatcher
Sahuaro over Pueblo
Sahuaro over Nogales
Sahuaro over Benson
Sahuaro over Cholla
Pueblo over Benson
Pueblo over Nogales
Pueblo over Sunnyside
Sahuarita over Cholla
Sahuarita over Sunnyside
Sahuarita over Benson
Thatcher over Immaculate Heart
Thatcher over Cesar Chavez
Thatcher over Rio Rico
Pima over Kofa
Pima over Gilbert Classical
Pima over Flowing Wells
Catalina Foothills over St. David
Catalina Foothills over Santa Cruz
Catalina Foothills over Buena
Buena over Santa Cruz
Buena over St. David
Cesar Chavez over Rio Rico
Cesar Chavez over Immaculate Heart
Flowing Wells over Gilbert Classical
Flowing Wells over Kofa
St. David over Santa Cruz
Gilbert Classical over Kofa
Rio Rico over Immaculate Heart
Benson over Nogales
Sunnyside over Cholla

Silver Bracket
Santa Cruz over Cholla
Nogales over Kofa
Rio Rico over Immaculate Heart
St. David over Sunnyside
Cesar Chavez over Santa Cruz
St. David over Cesar Chavez
Nogales over Benson
Gilbert Classical over Rio Rico
Nogales over Gilbert Classical
St. David over Nogales
Kofa over Sunnyside
Immaculate Heart over Santa Cruz
Kofa over Immaculate Heart
Rio Rico over Cholla
Benson over Rio Rico
Benson over Cesar Chavez
Benson over Kofa
Benson over Nogales

St. David over Benson

Gold Bracket
Buena over Flowing Wells
Thatcher over Tucson
Thatcher over Cienega
Sahuaro over Buena
Sahuaro over Thatcher
Catalina Foothills over Pima
Sahuarita over Pueblo
Catalina Foothills over Mountain View
Salpointe over Sahuarita
Salpointe over Catalina Foothills
Salpointe over Sahuaro
Pima over Buena
Cienega over Pueblo
Pima over Cienega
Pima over Catalina Foothills
Mountain View over Flowing Wells
Tucson over Sahuarita
Tucson over Mountain View
Tucson over Thatcher
Tucson over Pima
Sahuaro over Tucson

Championship Series
Sahuaro over Salpointe (25-20, 25-21)

Salpointe over Sahuaro (25-19)

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