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Rich Rod playing his cards but should stick with his ace Solomon



In this week’s press conference Rich Rodriguez said that he didn’t know who would start at quarterback in the upcoming game against Washington State.

Jerrard Randall should not start and here is why:

He is not an accurate passer. While watching the Stanford game, I got nervous every time I didn’t see him hand it off or start running. When he is attempting to throw, it may be the right decision, but the touch that he uses (or the lack thereof) and where he throws it, makes it a dangerous decision.

It’s something that he needs to work on. Over time, he can get better at it. Unfortunately, Arizona doesn’t have the luxury of time at this point with only six games left in the regular season.

Anu Solomon got hurt during the UCLA game and Randall came in as his replacement and played to the best of his ability. In the following week, Arizona went to Stanford and Randall started and the final score was 55-17 in the Cardinal’s favor. Randall went 15 for 28 and threw for 178 yards and a touchdown with 67 yards rushing on nine attempts.

What the stat sheet doesn’t show is the overthrow in the first quarter to wide open Nate Phillips that could’ve gave Arizona a one-point lead and some momentum in a game where they were 17-point underdogs. That wasn’t the only incomplete pass, but in my opinion, that one was the most important.

For the majority of the year, Randall has taken second-string reps in practice and therefore he doesn’t have the same timing on throws as Solomon.

Flashing back to last year, Arizona traveled to Utah. Solomon got hurt and Rich Rod brought in Jesse Scroggins. Before Solomon was injured, he wasn’t playing well (completed less than 50 percent of his passing attempts).

Scroggins did not do anything special but Arizona won thanks to the rushing performance of Nick Wilson and his 218 yards on the ground. The next week ASU came to Tucson and Solomon bounced back well and had one of his best games of the year in Arizona’s win.

Back to this past weekend: Arizona goes on the road, Solomon struggled, backup comes in, the running back goes for over 200 yards, Arizona wins. Sound familiar?

Solomon has shown in the past that he bounces back after a bad game and I wouldn’t want to see Rich Rod not give him the chance to do the same this Saturday.

If Rich Rod had two or three years with Randall, I think he could be a solid quarterback because he has the arm strength and the quickness to be something special. But as of now, he is not the answer for the Wildcats.

Nick Latta is an accomplished youth golfer from Tucson who follows high school sports and the University of Arizona closely. Currently on the golf team at The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, Calif.

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