FOOTBALL: Division IV/Section II Coaches Picks


Justin Pledger  (Andy Morales/

Justin Pledger (Andy Morales/


Offensive Player of the Year
Justin Pledger, Pueblo

Defensive Player of the Year:
Payton Turley, Thatcher

First Team QB
Justin Pledger, Pueblo

Second Team QB
Jake Dunlap, Thatcher

First Team RB
George Romero (Pueblo)
Payton Turley (Thatcher)
Will Kubota-Martin (Empire)

Second Team RB
Chris Schoolcraft (Empire)
Stephen Downs (Palo Verde)
Andy Trinh (Catalina)

First Team Receiver
Frankie Gomez (Pueblo)
Aaron Wilkerson (Santa Rita)
Ethan Eagerton (Empire)

Second Team Receiver:
Collin Hunt (Thatcher)
Armando Lucero (Pueblo)
Bryan Goodman (Douglas)

First Team Tight End
Tony Villa (Douglas)

Second Team Tight End
Nate Lee (Thatcher)

First Team Center
Dagon Allen (Thatcher)

Second Team Center
Brandon Clark (Palo Verde)

First Team Offensive Lineman:
Michael Beltran (Pueblo)
Johnny Griffin (Thatcher)
Brian Warren (Empire)
Josiah Booth (Pueblo)

Second Team Offensive Lineman:
Victor Peraza (Douglas)
Jacob McIntosh (Palo Verde)
Corey Higley (Empire)
Oliver Nicholas (Thatcher)

First Team Flex Player
DeErik Smith (Empire)

Second Team Flex Player
Chris Galaz (Douglas)

First Team LB
Elliot Perez-Guillen (Pueblo)
Brandon Drage (Thatcher)
Cade Powell (Empire)

Second Team LB
Cain Lawrence (Catalina)
Adrian Madero (Pueblo)
Brandon Hayes (Thatcher)

First Team Defensive End
David Greenwood (Pueblo)
Ryan Smith (Empire)

Second Team Defensive End
Gabe Montoya (Palo Verde)
Jace Smith (Thatcher)

First Team Defensive Back
Payton Turley (Thatcher)
Justin Pledger (Pueblo)
Ethan Eagerton (Empire)
Brad Rudder (Palo Verde)

Second Team Defensive Back
Kason Bryce (Thatcher)
Devon Hall (Empire)
Frankie Gomez (Pueblo)
Kiyomi McKinley (Palo Verde)

First Team Interior Lineman
Jack Wren (Thatcher)
Josiah Booth (Pueblo)
Jacob Collins (Thatcher)
Jose Lugo (Catalina)

Second Team Interior Lineman
Raul German (Pueblo)
Anthony Cummings (Palo Verde)
Robert Pasos (Catalina)
Jesus Rodriguez (Pueblo)

First Team Kicker
Jacob Lange (Empire)

Second Team Kicker
Joel Arce (Palo Verde)

First Team Punter
Lorenzo Sanchez (Empire)

Second Team Punter
Jake Dunlap (Thatcher)

First Team Returner
Justin Pledger (Pueblo)

Second Team Returner
Payton Turley (Thatcher)

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