Football All-Stars: Division IV


Dionte Flores rushed for 2,062 yards this year & he finished his career with 5,006 yards (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)

Dionte Flores rushed for 2,062 yards this year & he finished his career with 5,006 yards (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)

Offensive Player of the Year
Dionte Flores, Flowing Wells

Defensive Player of the Year
Dakota Haynes, Pusch Ridge

Coaches of the Year
Troy Cropp, Pusch Ridge
Mark Brunenkant, Flowing Wells

Freshman of the Year
Wyatt Jeffries, Empire

All-Southern Arizona

First Team Offense
QB: Justin Pledger, Pueblo
QB: Bobby Rodriguez Vega, Cholla
RB: Dionte Flores, Flowing Wells
RB: James Raica, Pusch Ridge
RB: Louis Joseph, Walden Grove
TE: Ben Walker, Pusch Ridge
WR: Tyler Stiltner, Flowing Wells
WR: Frankie Gomez, Pueblo
WR: Ethan Eagerton, Empire
OL: Michael Beltran, Pueblo
OL: Brian Warren, Empire
OL: Josiah Booth, Pueblo
OL: Jason Cline, Pusch Ridge
OL: David Watson, Amphitheater
UT: DeErik Smith, Empire
KICKER: Gabe Hernandez, Sahuarita
PUNTER: Gabe Hernandez, Sahuarita

First Team Defense
DL: Jack Wren, Thatcher
DL: Josiah Booth, Pueblo
DL: Jose Lugo, Catalina
DL: Ben Walker, Pusch Ridge
DL: Kevin Sotelo, Flowing Wells
DL: Ezra Thomas, Amphitheater
LB: Elliot Perez-Guillen, Pueblo
LB: Brandon Drage, Thatcher
LB: James Raica, Pusch Ridge
LB: Adrian Madero, Pueblo
LB: Dakota Haynes, Pusch Ridge
DB: Payton Turley, Thatcher
DB: Justin Pledger, Pueblo
DB: Oliver Harris, Pusch Ridge
DB: Dionte Flores, Flowing Wells
DB: Edwin Lovett, Pusch Ridge
RETURNER: Dago Segundo, Sahuarita

Second Team Offense
QB: Cody Cropp, Pusch Ridge
QB: Damion Hill, Sahuarita
RB: George Romero, Pueblo
RB: Will Kubota-Martin, Empire
RB: Tamerat McLeod, Pusch Ridge
TE: Tony Villa, Douglas
WR: Aaron Wilkerson, Santa Rita
WR: Victor Cazares, Rio Rico
WR: Dago Segundo, Sahuarita
OL: Brandon Clark, Palo Verde
OL: Johnny Griffin, Thatcher
OL: Jerome Doss, Cholla
OL: Robby Enriquez, Walden Grove
OL: Henry Borboa, Flowing Wells
UT: Andy Trinh, Catalina
KICKER: Jacob Lange, Empire
PUNTER: Lorenzo Sanchez, Empire

Second Team Defense
DL: Jacob Collins, Thatcher
DL: Da’Shae Henderson, Sahuaro
DL: Daniel Rodriguez, Rio Rico
DL: Justin Shorbe, Flowing Wells
DL: Robert Pasos, Catalina
DL: Jesus Rodriguez, Pueblo
LB: Henry Borboa, Flowing Wells
LB: Bobby Vega, Cholla
LB: Jacob Ontiveros, Sahuarita
LB: Tamerat McLeod, Pusch Ridge
LB: Cade Powell, Empire
DB: Ethan Eagerton, Empire
DB: Brad Rudder, Palo Verde
DB: Nassir Blake, Sahuarita
DB: Devon Hall, Empire
DB: Frankie Gomez, Pueblo
RETURNER: Tyler Stiltner, Flowing Wells

Third Team Offense
QB: Jake Dunlap, Thatcher
QB: Julio Sandoval, Flowing Wells
RB: Payton Turley, Thatcher
RB: Shawn Fontenette, Cholla
RB: Carlos Valarezo, Amphitheater
TE: Ezra Thomas, Amphi
WR: Armando Lucero, Pueblo
WR: Edwin Lovett, Pusch Ridge
WR: Collin Hunt, Thatcher
OL: Dagon Allen, Thatcher
OL: Mike Brown, Cholla
OL: Kevin Sotelo, Flowing Wells
OL: Edward Delgado, Sahuarita
OL: Max Atkinson, Pusch Ridge
KICKER: Christian McCarthy, Pusch Ridge
PUNTER: Jake Dunlap, Thatcher
UT: Chris Schoolcraft, Empire

Third Team Defense
DL: Santino Ceballos, Rio Rico
DL: Hector Silva, Amphitheater
DL: Jerome Doss, Cholla
DL: Will Harvey, Walden Grove
DL: Raul German, Pueblo
DL: Anthony Cummings, Palo Verde
LB: Tanner Liddicoat, Sahuarita
LB: Eduardo Maldonado, Rio Rico
LB: Lance Kilgore, Walden Grove
LB: Brandon Hayes, Thatcher
LB: Cain Lawrence, Catalina
DB: Phillip Grajeda, Walden Grove
DB: Victor Cazares, Rio Rico
DB: Tanner Dugle, Sahuarita
DB: Kaylon Tippins, Cholla
DB: Kiyomi McKinley, Palo Verde
Returner: Justin Pledger, Pueblo

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