Southern Arizona State Girls Basketball Championships


Lonnie Tvrdy (Andy Morales/

Lonnie Tvrdy (Andy Morales/

Only four coaches in Southern Arizona have won four state championships. Barry Judd won four at St. David, Mike Dyer won four at Marana and Lonnie Tvrdy won four in a row at Pusch Ridge.

Thatcher went through a four-year sweep from 2001-2004 but they were coached by two different coaches during their streak. Judd won three in a row from 1980-1983 but he won his last title in 1992.

From 2005-2008 Pusch Ridge and Tvrdy ruled the 2A conference. Dyer, Judd and Tvrdy will remain tops for a while because no other coach or program from Southern Arizona has or had more than two titles to their name besides the three won by Bill Sharp at Thatcher in the 1980s.

Canyon del Oro won the last state title form Southern Arizona (2009).



Thatcher (7)
1981: 2A (Bill Sharp)
1983: 2A (Bill Sharp)
1987: 2A (Bill Sharp)
2001: 2A (David Henson)
2002: 2A (David Henson)
2003: 2A (Lee Marett)
2004: 2A (Lee Marett)

Marana (4)
1982: 4A (Mike Dyer)
1985: 4A (Mike Dyer)
1988: 4A (Mike Dyer)
1989: 4A (Mike Dyer)

Pusch Ridge (4)
2005: 2A (Lonnie Tvrdy)
2006: 2A (Lonnie Tvrdy)
2007: 2A (Lonnie Tvrdy)
2008: 2A (Lonnie Tvrdy)

St. David (4)
1980: 1A (Barry Judd)
1981: 1A (Barry Judd)
1983: 1A (Barry Judd)
1992: 1A (Barry Judd)

Canyon del Oro (2)
1987: 5A (Dan Huff)
2009: 4A-I (Kerri Brown)

Desert Christian (2)
1998: 1A (Dennis O’Reilly)
1999: 1A (Dennis O’Reilly)

Safford (2)
1978: 4A (John Bonefas)
1983: 2A (Jack Carrell)

Sahuaro (2)
1993: 4A (Jim Scott)
1998: 4A (Jim Scott)

Tombstone (2)
1986: 2A (John Escarcega)
1994: 2A (Robert Bristow)

Willcox (2)
1981: 3A (Bob Nelson)
1990: 2A (Rodolfo Rivera)

Buena (1)
1977: 5A (Larry Neidich)

Catalina Foothills (1)
1997: 4A (Patty Patton Shearer)

Duncan (1)
1995: 2A (John Payne)

Flowing Wells (1)
2008: 4A-I (Michael Perkins)

Sabino (1)
1990: 4A (John Bart)

Santa Rita (1)
1984: 5A (Dave Lynch)

Valley Union (1)
1975: All (Dale Mortenson)

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