Division IV Soccer All-Stars


Michelle Escobar (Andy Morales/

Michelle Escobar (Andy Morales/

Girls Division IV Soccer All-Stars

Player of the Year
Michelle Escobar, Tanque Verde

Coaches of the Year
Shana Olayvar, Tanque Verde
Amy Garelick, Pusch Ridge

Nastia Loughran, Tanque Verde Forward
Sarah Haynes, Tanque Verde Forward
Lauren Corral, Pusch Ridge Forward
Annalisa Verdugo, Pueblo Forward
Shae Sonderer, Tanque Verde Forward
Michelle Escobar, Tanque Verde Midfielder
Kate Giedraitis, Tanque Verde Midfielder
Wendy Mendoza, Pueblo Midfielder
Mikayla Reuter, Tanque Verde Midfielder
Haily Watson, Pusch Ridge Midfielder
Katie Lautaret, Tanque Verde Defender
Mykayla Toth, Tanque Verde Defender
Maddi Johnson, Pusch Ridge Defender
Taylor Seitz, Pusch Ridge Defender
Kassandra Amaya, Pueblo Defender
Elena Rauschen, Tanque Verde Goalie
Juliana Martinez, Pusch Ridge Goalie

Cayley Hensley, Pusch Ridge Forward
Aubee Combs, Pusch Ridge Forward
Monseratt Solano, Amphitheater Forward
Emily Hernandez, Santa Cruz Forward
Katya Loughran, Tanque Verde Midfielder
Dianitza Gonzalez, Amphitheater Midfielder
Gwen Alter, Pusch Ridge Midfielder
Nirvana Jakeline Lopez, Pueblo Defender
Mackenzie Bernal, Tanque Verde Defender
Kylie Hall, Tanque Verde Defender
Karen Sanchez, Amphitheater Goalie


Efren Robles (Andy Morales/

Efren Robles (Andy Morales/

Boys Division IV Soccer All-Stars

Player of the Year
Efren Robles, Pueblo

Coach of the Year
Francisco Urtuzuastegui, Pueblo

Efren Robles, Pueblo Forward
Rafael Torres, Pueblo Forward
Matthew McLeod, Pusch Ridge Forward
Michael McLeod, Pusch Ridge Forward
Nicholas Olemedo, Tanque Verde Forward
Daniel Atondo, Pueblo Midfielder
Erick Garcia, Pueblo Midfielder
Camron Vick, Pusch Ridge Midfielder
Alexis Urtuzuastegui, Pueblo Midfielder
Helder Navarro, Pueblo Midfielder
Jesus Corella, Pueblo Defender
Jorge Gonzalez, Pueblo Defender
Mitch Maas, Pusch Ridge Defender
Casey Sohoel-Smith, Tanque Verde Defender
Jacob Peyton, Pusch Ridge Defender
Ledwin Lopez, Pueblo Goalie
Cody Cropp. Pusch Ridge Goalie

Dylan Trujillo, Tanque Verde Forward
Jaime Hernandez, Santa Cruz Forward
Luis Ramirez, Santa Cruz Forward
Sean Petersen, Tanque Verde Midfielder
Marco Rodriguez, Pueblo Midfielder
Eric Smith, Pusch Ridge Midfielder
Frankie Jacquez, Pusch Ridge Midfielder
Tyler Chaney. Pusch Ridge Defender
Daniel Schackart, Tanque Verde Defender
Hector Camacho, Santa Cruz Defender
Adolfo Siansi, Santa Cruz Goalie

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