Division III Soccer All-Stars: Jackie Igulu & Nebil Mohammed


Jackie Igulu (Andy Morales/

Jackie Igulu (Andy Morales/

Girls Division III Soccer All-Stars

Player of the Year
Jackie Igulu, Palo Verde

Coaches of the Year
Jim Mentz, Palo Verde
Alexandra Davis, Flowing Wells

Jackie Igulu, Palo Verde Forward
Veronica Cruz, Rio Rico Forward
Bella Solorza, Walden Grove Forward
Sol Murguia, Flowing Wells Forward
Rachel Carrell, Walden Grove Forward
Marilyn McFeaters, Palo Verde Midfielder
Khadijo Mohamed, Palo Verde Midfielder
Malia Vanisi, Walden Grove Midfielder
Danitza Gregeda, Douglas Midfielder
Hayden Zuniga, Walden Grove Midfielder
Emily Doyle, Palo Verde Defender
Cecilia Sanders, Palo Verde Defender
Haven Chambers, Walden Grove Defender
Jennifer DeLong, Flowing Wells Defender
Ally Alvarez, Rio Rico Defender
Sara Voirin, Palo Verde Goalie
Jaylene Lopez, Walden Grove Goalie

Lauren Henn, Walden Grove Forward
Armida Perez, Cholla Forward
Dominique Smock, Palo Verde Forward
Paola Rueda Flores, Nogales Midfielder
Saydie Chavez, Flowing Wells Midfielder
Giselle Orduno Flowing Wells Midfielder
Keyara Zuniga, Walden Grove Midfielder
Janet Squire, Palo Verde Defender
Krystal Zuniga, Rio Rico Defender
Erykah Vega, Cholla Defender
Chelsi Sandoval-Dexter, Flowing Wells Goalie


Nebil Mohanimed.

Nebil Mohanimed.

Boys Division III Soccer All-Stars

Players of the Year
Nebil Mohammed, Amphitheater
Cesar Hernandez, Flowing Wells

Coach of the Year
Vince Phillips, Flowing Wells

Nebil Mohammed, Amphitheater Forward
Francisco Davila, Catalina Forward
Rodriguez-Ruiz Andres, Flowing Wells Forward
Aaron Ramos, Flowing Wells Forward
Ruben Paredes, Amphitheater Forward
Essau Bizimana, Catalina Midfielder
Jorge Bustamante, Catalina Midfielder
Cesar Hernandez, Flowing Wells Midfielder
Edgar Venalonzo, Flowing Wells Midfielder
Aamahn Murvin, Walden Grove Midfielder
Emery John, Flowing Wells Defender
Espinoza Sergio, Flowing Wells Defender
Clemente Quintero, Catalina Defender
Oscar Valencia, Catalina Defender
Carlos Gonzalez, Amphitheater Defender
Abdaul Maiga, Amphitheater Goalie
Rudy Beltran-Alvarado, Catalina Goalie

Jose Diaz, Flowing Wells Forward
Shadrack Kosseke-Kope, Catalina Forward
Luis Gonzalez, Amphitheater Forward
Connor Young, Walden Grove Forward
Daniel Velazquez, Palo Verde Forward
Alberto Villegas, Flowing Wells Midfielder
Ali Mohamed, Catalina Midfielder
Juan Ponce, Sahuarita Midfielder
Bryan Beltran, Palo Verde Midfielder
Gabriel Hernandez, Sahuarita Midfielder
Daniel Kahsay, Catalina Defender
German Galaz, Douglas Defender
Devante Beatty, Flowing Wells, Defender
Kamron Lilly, Sahuarita Defender
Cesar Cruz Walden Grove, Defender
Jose Suarez, Flowing Wells Goalie
Alexis Lopez, Sahuarita Goalie

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