BOYS GOLF: Thursday results; Dallan Graybill shoots 34


Dallan Graybill (Andy Morales/

Dallan Graybill (Andy Morales/

Thursday, Aug. 25

Mountain View 163, Flowing Wells 212, Amphitheater NS, Catalina DNS
MV-M Kyle Stachel +4 39
MV-M Tyler Charnoki +4 39
MV-M Max Robles 42
MV-M Garrett Falkenstine 43
MV-M Erik Olson 45
AMPH Dalton Giffney 48
FLOW Nicholas Flynn 49
FLOW Austin Simonson 50
FLOW Steven Armenta 56
FLOW Nico Castel de Oro 57
FLOW Noah Fernandez 61
CAT Greg Miller 66

Walden Grove 167, Desert View 220
WGHS Sam Salsbury +2 38
WGHS Hogan Gloy 40
WGHS Sajen Benson-uhlig 44
WGHS Zach Rojahn 45
WGHS Joshua Crest 49
DVHS Castro Manuel 52
DVHS Jose Zambrano 52
DVHS Martin Bringas 57
DVHS Angel Ramon Martinez 59
DVHS Refugio Del Cid 61

Douglas 197, Cholla 211, Rio Rico 211
RR Justin Fischer +1 36
CHOL Michael Tellez 42
RR Luis Rubio 47
DOUG Andres Esqueda 49
CHOL Victor Pena 49
DOUG Aldo Alonso 49
DOUG Joey Young 49
DOUG Mark Martinez 50
DOUG Briana Mendoza 52
CHOL Marlene Davis 54
RR Eric Berrellez 63
RR Manuel Pena 65
RR Hector Carrillo 66
CHOL Samuel Gonzales 66
CHOL Samual Sanchez 67

Cienega 161, Sahuarita DNS
CIEN Dylan Mattson +1 37
CIEN Alex Miranda 41
CIEN Luis Riesgo 41
CIEN Garrett Gooding 42
CIEN Zak Freeland 44
SRTA Emma Derton 49
SRTA Ryan Smith 49
SRTA Neil Fleck 64

Rincon/UHS 150, Sunnyside 210
RINC Dallan Graybill -1 34
RINC Forrest Green 37
RINC Brendon Williams 39
RINC Leamon Crooms 40
RINC Ryan Draper 40
SS Gabriel Rosthenhausler 44
SS Jorge Chavez 54
SS Jesus Echave 54
SS Derek Ozbirn 58
SS Robert Young 59

Scores tabulated by, the official resource for AIA golf. Scores checked at 8:30 p.m.

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