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Arizona’s Miller reads to Roskruge third graders to say: Study, read, learn


Sean Miller arrived to Roskruge Elementary just a jump shot away from his office at the University of Arizona to deliver a message and help promote a statewide reading program to help crown a youth literary champion.

The school’s library likely had never been louder as students cheered –- with UA cheerleaders there –- his entrance.

Miller’s message was through a children’s book “The Boy Who Never Gave Up.”

The message was an easy but effective one: study, learn be a good student. And it starts when you’re a youngster.

“The world has changed. And because everyone seems to have a voice, there are more critics and negativity now than ever before. For young people, you always have to overcome those people that tell you what you can’t do in life,” he said after delivering the same message to about 30 third-graders on Tuesday morning.

“’You’ll never be in the NBA’ or ‘You’re not going to be able to go to college (because) we’re not going to have enough money.’ Those things can frustrate young people and stunt their growth. And anything we can do to keep the bigger picture (alive) and surround yourself with great people and work hard in everything you do and never give up in the quest to learn … all those things are powerful for young people.

“Not everybody that’s talking to them is going to be positive. When they can hear something positive, that’s powerful. Hope is what we all need, and for a third grader here in Tucson that’s what they hang on -– hope to do something special.”


That’s what Miller’s message was about in being the first of four college coaches in the state to help promote the program involving the Final Four, which will be in Glendale in April. ASU’s Bobby Hurley, Grand Canyon’s Dan Majerle and NAU’s Jack Murphy are scheduled later.

More than 1,300 third graders in 150 schools are participating in the March Madness bracket-like contest where third graders will read and advance by the number of minutes they read.

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