BLOG: Our own Kacie Munson passionately writes about the efforts to save Mike Jacobs Sport Park from closing



Call me biased, but I think closing Ina Road’s SportsPark is such a terrible idea for the Old Pueblo. Yes it is absolutely run down and in deep need of some TLC, but what recreation center wouldn’t be after about 30 years of wear and tear. Not to mention advances in technology have unfortunately skipped over Tucson’s once premiere ball park.

Tomorrow, Ina Road’s SportsPark is in the fate of Pima County. They are deciding if that land is better used for Tucson’s waste. Please attend this County Board Meeting if you possibly can. It begins 9am at 130 E. Congress Street.

I was at SportsPark’s grand opening soo many years ago. It was my late father’s “brain-child”, as my Uncle Elmo called it. My Dad, Jim Munson, was the reason I valued sports so much growing up. I have even been told by some in-laws that my family was “odd” for spending nights around the dinner table talking about sports. More often than not we talked about Arizona Wildcat sports. It was our “thing”; it is what bonded my Dad and me.

When he passed away the day after Christmas in 2014, my heart broke into so many pieces that I know I will never be able to mend it back together. But every time I pass SportsPark on Ina Road, I know his spirit lives on. It lives on with the thousands of people that come to the ball park to watch, play, cheer, and learn.

Sports are such an integral part of growing up well-balanced. I am not talking about being the best athlete with the most awards and trophies. I am talking about the way sports help people, adults and kids alike. It not only brings all cultures together, sports teach us how to lead others and how follow directions even in times of disagreement, how to be physically fit and confident, how to work as a team and think independently. It increases problem-solving skills, anger management, and increases our capability of how to deal with the pressures of life that so often thrown at all of us.

So why is the future of such a great Tucson tradition in jeopardy? That is what I am going to the meeting tomorrow to find out.

When you think of how amazing SportsPark could be again, please look up “Big League Dreams.” There is one in Phoenix (Gilbert, AZ). Now please understand that I am not trying to replicate Big League Dreams, but my father and I used to work for that company and boy are their facilities are impressive.

The City of Tucson wants to invest $55 million in a brand new complex at Kino. My question is, why can’t we invest a fraction of that into an already established ball park with so much Tucson history?

Please help save SportsPark!!!

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