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Miller: Allonzo Trier stays ‘engaged’ while not playing

Allonzo Trier cheers on the Wildcats during the Grand Canyon game last month (Photo courtesy Stan Liu/Arizona Athletics)

Arizona Wildcats guard Allonzo Trier has missed 15 games, and the school maintains its no-comment policy regarding his eligibility.

But here is one thing we do know beyond the fact that he hasn’t played this season — he isn’t bad as a cheerleader.

Whether it is an observer during pregame warm-ups or as a smiling, laughing, cheering supporter on the bench, Trier isn’t publicly pouting about his situation. Neither, coach Sean Miller said, is he is private. The coach can say that much.

“I wish I could talk more about Allonzo. And hopefully in time I can,” Miller said.

“The only thing I do is just watch him during the games to see how much he cares about winning, about how bad he feels about not being able to play, how much he really cares about Arizona and his teammates. He’s engaged, and he’s been that way in practice.

“He’s been a part of every practice; he’s not injured. He practices with great spirit and energy, competitiveness, and that has helped our team. We’ll see.”

Trier has been on the bench for every home game and has traveled with the team since Arizona played Gonzaga in Los Angeles on Dec. 3, when Miller said the NCAA permitted the sophomore to be on the road. (Trier didn’t go with the team to Missouri the following weekend, but Miller said that was because it was during final exams.)

Trier averaged 14.8 points per game last season.

If the Wildcats ever get the word that Trier can play, he will be ready to go because he has been practicing and been part of the team behind the scenes. No. 17 Arizona will start the second half of the regular season Thursday night with a home game against Utah.

Other than that, it’s still just wait and see with Trier.

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