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Former Wildcat Prince having VISA issues because of Trump’s immigration ban

Former Arizona basketball player J.P. Prince has found himself in the middle of President Trump’s immigration ban.

Prince, who played at Arizona as a freshman before transferring to Tennessee, was in Dubai after not being allowed entry back into Iran where he had been playing.

Former UA player J.P. Prince

According to USA Today, Prince and Joseph Jones were in Dubai for a break from the season when Trump suspended immigration for a number of countries, including those from Iran, who had threatened retaliation against the United States.

The visas for Prince and Jones, however, have expired.

“The team unfortunately didn’t do it properly and so now they have to renew the visas and the question becomes whether they will be allowed to renew their visa,” said Eric Fleisher, Prince’s agent.

“If not, they won’t be allowed to enter back into Iran. Their things are still in Iran. They won’t be able to continue for the remainder of the season with the club. If they can renew their visa, then presumably they’ll be allowed to re-enter and everything will be OK, but I don’t have an answer as of yet.”

Fleisher told the paper it is usually the club’s responsibility to arrange visas for all players.

“In this case for reasons which I don’t quite understand they did not do it for the full season and as a result it expires during the season, which has put them into the crosshairs that they’re presently in,” Fleisher said.

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