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Kobe Ortiz putting no show opponent in his past; looks toward next fight.

Combate 13 on April 20th at Casino Del Sol’s AVA was supposed to have been a culmination of sorts for a lot of things. A co-main event matchup between Kobe Ortiz and Eddie Arizmendi was going to, once and for all, settle a beef that according to Ortiz, had been going on for the better part of a decade between the two.

Photo via Kobe Ortiz

For the last seven years, a beef between the two fixtures of Tucson MMA had been simmering and on April 20th, the heat was set to get turned up to a boiling point. Finally, after years of tension, contracts were signed and a date was set. Only, with five days prior to fight night, Arizmendi was nowhere to be found.

Combate Americas and World Fighting Federation personnel were unable to track Arizmendi down. Calls went unanswered, texts were never replied to and two days prior to their much anticipated show down, event organizers were forced to call off the Ortiz/Arizmendi matchup. Arizmendi, seemed to have simply vanished. When we started asking questions, we learned there’s a little bit of a track record there.

“I knew he had a track record of pulling out of smaller fights but I thought he would man up and settle our beef once and for all. I respect him as a fighter but this had to be taken care of,” Ortiz told us a couple of days after Combate 13 took place.

Ortiz continued, “My camp was good. I was well prepared for this fight. Was putting in work, two to three times a day. There was no way I was going to lose this fight. I was ready to make a statement. This was at least seven years in the making.”

Photo via Kobe Ortiz

Losing out on a chance to headline a card that was internationally viewed by millions all over the world (mostly in South and Central America), most would think that Ortiz would have fumed and had choice words for Arizmendi. Instead, when we had a chance to communicate with him, Ortiz chose to keep things in perspective and he also had a message for his fans.

“I have a good relationship with Combate, so, we’re talking about a future fight within the next month. I just want let the fans know I will be fighting soon. Even though this fight fell off, I’m going to stay positive and keep moving forward.”

Kobe Ortiz is set to make an announcement soon.

NOTE:AllSportsTucson.com reached out to both Arizmendi and Ortiz for comments on their April 20th fight for a story we previously published. We have yet to hear back from Arizmendi’s camp. In the interest of balance and fairness, we will continue to wait for a response from Mr. Arizmendi.

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