Track and Field Honor Roll: Pusch Ridge wins team championship

Samantha and Allie Schadler (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)

1st Place: Pusch Ridge, D-IV
2nd Place: Walden Grove, D-III
3rd Place: Rio Rico, D-III
4th Place: Salpointe, D-III
5th Place: Tucson, D-I

2nd Place: Canyon del Oro, D-II
2nd Place: Salpointe, D-III
4th Place: Pusch Ridge, D-IV

4: Samantha Schadler, Rio Rico
4: Allie Schadler, Rio Rico
3: Kacy Haynes, Pusch Ridge

D-II: Manuel Olivo-Quinones, Buena: 1600 (4:22.28)
D-II: Manuel Olivo-Quinones, Buena: 3200 (9:16.36)
D-II: Cameron Crandall, Canyon del Oro: High Jump (7-0)
D-II: Mele Hala’ufia, Marana: Triple Jump (37-04.25)
D-II: Katherine Daily, Flowing Wells: Pole Vault (11-06)
D-II: Turner Washington, Canyon del Oro: Discus (218-07)
D-III: Jala Pinckney, Walden Grove: 100 Hurdles (15.23)
D-III: Naudia Dawson, Walden Grove: 100M (12.95)
D-III: Sean Barton, Salpointe: Triple Jump (45-04.75)
D-III: Rio Rico: Girls 1600 Relay (4:05.08)
(Victoria Valencia, Kiara Laborin, Samantha Schadler, Halle Dewitt, Allie Schadler)
D-III: Rio Rico: Girls 3200 Relay (9:54.25)
(Kiara Laborin, Valeria Cabello, Samantha Schadler, Allie Schadler)
D-III: Gamar Garem, Amphitheater: 800 (1:57.29)
D-III: Samantha Schadler, Rio Rico: 3200 (11:16.84)
D-III: Samantha Schadler, Rio Rico: 800 (2:22.68)
D-III: Allie Schadler, Rio Rico: 1600 (5:08.20)
D-III: Allie Schadler, Rio Rico: 400 (58.02)
D-III: Salpointe: Boys 400 Relay (42.64)
(Trevor Volpe, Sean Barton, William Juniper, Mario Padilla)
D-III: Walden Grove: Girls 400 Relay (49.13)
(Olivia Ceballos, Naudia Dawson, Jala Pinckney, Sakovia Thompson)
D-III: William Juniper, Salpointe: 400 (49.84)
D-III: Andrew Ference, Salpointe: Pole Vault (14-00)
D-IV: Sara Sawyer, Pusch Ridge: Long Jump (17-07)
D-IV: Edwin Lovett, Pusch Ridge: 100M (11.73)
D-IV: Kacy Haynes, Pusch Ridge: 100M (13.12)
D-IV: Kacy Haynes, Pusch Ridge: 200 (27.57)
D-IV: Pusch Ridge: 400 Relay (50.66)
(Angel Addleman, Cherish Gotcher, Sara Sawyer, Kacy Haynes)
D-IV: Pusch Ridge: Boys 3200 Relay (3:33.76)
(Mitch Maas, John Voorhees, Eric Smith, Kaleb Bowers)

D-I: Neysia Howard, Tucson: 100M (12.52)
D-I: Neysia Howard, Tucson: 200M (27.40)
D-I: Neysia Howard, Tucson: Long Jump (19-04.25)
D-I: Ana Lopez, Tucson, Long Jump (5-04)
D-I: Tucson: Girls 400 Relay (48.19)
D-II: Turner Washington, Canyon del Oro: Shot Put (65.01-50)
(Dejanae Wilmore, Onome Ugbisien, Ana Lopez, Neysia Howard)
D-II: Cienega: Boys 400 Relay (42.32)
(Geo Owens, Terrell Hayward, Rodney Rodgers, Jamarye Joiner)
D-II: Buena: Girls 400 Relay (48.50)
(Claire Donner, Kiara Russell, Lauren Miller, Jahdai Jones)
D-II: Brielle Sterns, Sahuaro: 100 Hurdles (14.86)
D-II: Brielle Sterns, Sahuaro: Long Jump (19-00.75)
D-II: Jamarye Joiner, Cienega: 110 Hurdles (15.26)
D-II: Jamarye Joiner, Cienega: Long Jump (23-07.75)
D-II: Dominic Gehr, Marana: Triple Jump (45-11)
D-III: Erick Thompson, Sahuarita: 100M (11.44)
D-III: Pablo Bello, Douglas: Triple Jump (43-07.75)
D-III: Salpointe: Girls 3200 Relay (9:56.96)
(Claire Conger, Zoey Delgado, Ana Alvarez-Tostado, Jacque Dinauer)
D-III: Ana Alvarez-Tostado, Salpointe: 3200 (11:23.43)
D-III: Ana Alvarez-Tostado, Salpointe: 1600 (5:22.25)
D-III: Jala Pinckney, Walden Grove: 100M (13.20)
D-III: Jacquelyn Candito, Empire: 400 (58.95)
D-III: Jala Pinckney, Walden Grove: 300 Hurdles (46.37)
D-III: Naudia Dawson, Walden Grove: 200 (26.91)
D-IV: Liam Barrett, Benson: Pole Vault (13-06)
D-IV: Daniel Arthur, Benson: Javelin (148-01)
D-IV: Danielle Barba, Willcox: Javelin (87-07)
D-IV: Luciana Chavez, Bisbee: Shot Put (33-11.25)
D-IV: TreQuan Ricks, Tombstone: 200 (24.13)
D-IV: TreQuan Ricks, Tombstone: 400 (51.01)
D-IV: Tombstone: Boys 3200 Relay (3:36.07)
(Wayne Wilridge, David Brooks, Ralph Walters, TreQuan Ricks)
D-IV: Edwin Lovett, Pusch Ridge: Long Jump (22-10.75)

D-II: Manuel Olivo-Quinones, Buena, 800 (1:59.26)
D-I: Tucson: Boys 400 Relay: (41.97)
(DJ Hinton, Adrian Valenzuela, Nicholas Morales, Tyree Pierson)
D-I: DJ Hinton, Tucson: 100M (11.38)
D-II: Brielle Sterns, Sahuaro: 300 Hurdles (45.96)
D-II: Lauren Miller, Buena: 100M (12.69)
D-II: Lauren Miller, Buena: 200 (26.59)
D-II: Morgan Risch, Flowing Wells: 3200 (9:31.73)
D-II: Trayvion White-Austin, Sahuaro: Long Jump (23-04)
D-II: Julianna Horrocks, Canyon del Oro: Pole Vault (10-09)
D-II: Carmine Russo, Ironwood Ridge, 300 Hurdles (4.84)
D-III: Sean Barton, Salpointe; Long Jump (22-05.50)
D-III: Gamar Garem, Amphitheater: 1600 (4:28.29)
D-III: Trevor Volpe, Salpointe: 100M (11.51)
D-III: William Juniper, Salpointe: 200 (23.25)
D-III: Jacquelyn Candito, Empire: 200 (27.61)
D-IV: James Brogan, St. David: Pole Vault (12-09)
D-IV: Bryanne Olson, Pusch Ridge: High Jump (4-10)
D-IV: Kiauna Richardson, St. David: Discus (103-.09)
D-IV: Kaleb Bowers, Pusch Ridge: 800 (2:02.38)
D-IV: TreQuan Ricks, Tombstone: 100M (11.86)
D-IV: Wren Klump, Willcox: 800 (2:29.32)

D-I: Tyree Pierson, Tucson: 100M (11.41)
D-I: Rincon/UHS: Boys 3200 Relay (8:07.79)
(Derrick Silva, Gabriel Mogollon, Jules Wyman, Thomas Leitner)
D-II: Tony Torres, Ironwood Ridge: 800 (1:58.61)
D-II: Catalina Foothills: Boys 3200 Relay (8:07.31)
(Bailey Nance, Jack Hadley, Philippe Mortelliti, Sam Pershing)
D-II: Morgan Risch, Flowing Wells: 1600 (4:28.45)
D-II: Aleks Stawicka, Catalina Foothills: Pole Vault (10-06)
D-II: Seadra Hamilton, Marana: 300 Hurdles (46.23)
D-II: Sahuaro: Girls 1600 Relay (4:04.69)
(Kaylen Fox, Annabella Spencer, Brielle Sterns, Hope McDuffie)
D-III: Angela Slagle, Salpointe: Discus (108)
D-III: Luis Oviedo, Rio Rico: 1600 (4:29.90)
D-III: Zoey Delgado, Salpointe 3200 (11:36.59)
D-III: Empire: Boys 400 Relay (43.70)
(Jalen Smith, DeErick Smith, Steven Carson, Will Martin)
D-III: Empire: Girls 400 Relay (51.08)
(Victoria Newman, Alexia Grant, Leisey Trevillyan, Jacquelyn Candito)
D-III Jacque Dinauer, Salpointe: 800 (2:26.62)
Trevor Volpe, Salpointe: 200 (23.34)
D-III: Cyanna LaVetter, Salpointe: 200 (27.66)
D-III: Christian Gonzalez, Sahuarita: Long Jump (22-04.50)
D-IV: Michael Montiel, Bisbee: Shot Put (45-11.75)
D-IV: Jesus Vega, Rio Rico: 800 (1:59.28)
D-IV: Kiauna Richardson, St. David: Javelin (84-04)
D-IV: Wren Klump, Willcox: 400 (1:04.07)
D-IV: Cherish Gotcher, Pusch Ridge: 200 (29.03)
D-IV: Bisbee: Boys 3200 Relay (3:39.37)
(Adriel Lopez, Erick Estrada, Alexander Gribble, Sergio Altamirano)
D-IV: Eli Ibarra, Santa Cruz: Discus (150-08)

D-II: Richelle Sandin, Catalina Foothills: 1600 (5:16.35)
D-II: Tyler Valenzuela, Canyon del Oro: Pole Vault (13.06)
D-II: Chelsea Murphy, Canyon del Oro (47.46)
D-III: Sean Barton, Salpointe: High Jump (6-04)
D-III: Gabe Martin, Empire: Triple Jump (42-10)
D-III: Jackeline Walldez, Salpointe: Long Jump (16-11)
D-III: Naudia Dawson, Walden Grove: 400 (1:01.15)
D-III: Anthony Duarte, Walden Grove: 200 (23.47)
D-IV: Willcox: Girls 3200 Relay (10:45.40)
(Rebecca Archuleta, Alma Barajas-Oscar, Zanati Garza, Wren Klump)
D-IV: Christian McGrath, St. David: 1600 (4:35.67)
D-IV: Mitch Maas, Pusch Ridge: Triple Jump (41-10.5)
D-IV: Avery Olson, Pusch Ridge: Triple Jump (33-04.75)
D-IV: Viviana Mendoza, Pusch Ridge: 100 Hurdles (17.25)
D-IV: Pusch Ridge: Girls 1600 Relay (4:27.06)
(Angel Addleman, Cherish Gotcher, Maddie Garnand, Lauren Corral)
D-IV: Liam Barret, Benson: Long Jump (21-04.25)
D-IV: Adalberto Lara, Santa Cruz: Discus (142-07)



Andy Morales was recognized by the AIA as the top high school reporter in 2014 and has been a youth, high school and college coach for over 30 years. His own children have won multiple state high school championships and were named to all-state teams. Competing in hockey, basketball, baseball and track & field in high school, his unique perspective can only be found here and on AZPreps365.com. Andy was named a Local Hero by the Tucson Weekly for 2016. Contact Andy Morales at AMoralesMyTucson@yahoo.com




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