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Luke Walton tells Kadeem Allen ‘keep competing’ after Lakers’ workout

If you’re not expected to be drafted in the first round – and well the second round either – the one thing you do is travel across the county no matter the circumstances. Former Arizona guard Kadeem Allen is doing just that, working out for a number of teams before next month’s draft.

“It’s just a grind but everybody’s trying to get to the NBA so it’s something we have to do,” Allen said after his workout with the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday in a video provided by the team. He said he’s worked out for seven NBA teams and more workouts are expected.

Tuesday’s experience saw Allen playing in front of former UA star Luke Walton and new Lakers president Magic Johnson. Allen had met Walton before. Walton reportedly told Allen to “keep competing, keep doing what I’m doing. And, I have a bright future.”

His future might come from his ability to play defense, although he has the potential to score.

“I feel defense is my strong point, that’s what got me here, that’s what got me at Arizona, and I am not going to change that for everything,” he said. “Everywhere I go I am just going to keep playing defense and doing what I do.”

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