Tucson Boxing

Need tickets? Want more details on the historic night of boxing coming to Tucson on Sept 22?

A quick write-up to address your questions:

Oscar Valdez being lifted in victory by his trainer Manny Robles after stopping Evgeny Gradovic in April of 2016.

For the first time since I began covering boxing for AllSportsTucson.com I have been stopped at the grocery store, in line at Starbucks, even at my daughter’s first day of school to be asked about Valdez-Ramirez-Verdejo-Conlan night. My phone has lit up with being flooded by DMs, IMs and personal emails regarding ticket prices for the upcoming night of world championship boxing event at the Tucson Convention Center.

Fight fans have tweeted and emailed me from as far as Boston, New York, Italy, South Africa and Australia looking for hotel and ticket information.

Every fighter that has been named to this card so far is UNDEFEATED! It’s not surprising that true boxing enthusiasts from all over the world are clambering to find out how they can witness it first hand.

There will be a press conference at the beginning of next week (Tuesday to be exact), where more details on this historic night for boxing in Tucson will be revealed.

Until then…keep checking in with us at AST. We have been covering boxing in Tucson over the last two years and have seen the momentum reach this highest of heights.

Old Pueblo boxing fans, you DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS.

You can also check with Michelle Rosado’s Raging Babe Promotions, Top Rank and ESPN for details as they unfold.

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