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Wildcast: Houston Postgame

Arizona gave up just 19 total points, and only two in the second half…and lost. The Wildcat offense struggled and there appears to be a quarterback controversy. Brandon Dawkins struggled to make big plays, and had two crippling fumbles. Khalil Tate gave the Arizona a small spark, but threw a big  pick himself. Rich Rodriguez has some serious decision to make before Arizona ventures to UTEP.

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It was a big loss for the Wildcats as this appeared to be a lynch pin game for the Wildcats and may very well cost them a chance at the postseason. We break down the loss to the Cougars, and what this game means to the season and the QB position.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Wilmer V

    September 10, 2017 at 8:11 am

    Because so many teams run the spread now, it’s no longer an effective offense to keep defenses off kilter. And now we are stuck with undersized offensive and defensive linemen, the next coach who has to clean up the mess that Rich Fraud has left, is going to be overwhelmed. Thank god Greg Byrne is gone, this is on him for extending Rodriguez. Rich is the laziest coach in the country and a jerk to media after games to boot. Looking forward to him being fired a second time and never being a head coach again. Of course he’s the winner, with all the millions of dollars he’s taken from these jobs… carpet bagger…

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