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All the news you need to know about football … kind of

As I sat in the weekly Arizona football press conference, I wondered what kind of news could come from today.

Ten minutes, 12 minutes, 13 minutes or 15 minutes of questions and answers on a season that has the potential to go where lost socks go. Does anyone know where that is?

It turned out to be 13 minutes … with no real change in what to expect from the Arizona program (2-2), one getting ready to head to Colorado for its first Pac-12 road game. Then I wondered: does anyone still care? Just last week everyone was excited about basketball season, and well, a shoe (company) dropped. More on that later (but don’t know when).

As for Monday, there was news and then there was no news – we call that pretty much a slow news day in the business (such that it is).

Rich Rodriguez looking over stats at Monday’s press conference.

He’s sticking with Brandon Dawkins as his first-string quarterback, but Khalil Tate is healthy again.

Arizona’s Donovan Moore was out of the hospital and visited UA coach Rich Rodriguez earlier in the day. Rodriguez said he suffered a concussion and a rib injury and that he’d be a few weeks before he’ll be completely healthy. Moore was a passenger in the vehicle where Jordan Waddell, a Pima Community College student and football player, died from injuries related to a car accident.

Rodriguez was then asked if he had spoken to any of the few players he has on the roster from Las Vegas, given the tragic shooting that took place there on Sunday night. He said he had seen to Tony Fields II

Rodriguez called it a crazy cowardly move by the shooter.

Then came the questions from the dogged Michael Lev, of the Arizona Daily Star in asking about the UA player Scottie Young, Jr., who was cited last week on a domestic abuse charge, a misdemeanor charge.

Rodriguez said after consulting with the dean of students and others, Young is participating “in all team activities.”

When asked by Lev how it differed from Orlando Bradford’s assault charges last year – he has since plead guilty to two assault charges and faces jail time – said it was different but didn’t say why. When he asked again by Lev to elaborate, Rodriguez said each case is different and evaluated. And that was that.

That was before Lev had one more last quick question about Young … Rodriguez said he was tired of the questions and was read to talk about Colorado.

So no real news, only that UA spent the off week getting healthy and ready for what’s up ahead.

What could happen in the next few week’s is anyone’s guess. Anyone find a nice dress sock?

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