Will Golden Boy Promotions return? Crystal ball says very likely

It’s not clear when or if Golden Boy Promotions will be back to bring boxing to Tucson again, but it looks like there will be a good chance it will.

How could it not?

For more than a decade GBP has realized Tucson is a pseudo hotbed for up-and-coming fighters with an equally excited fan base for the sport. After Thursday night’s fights that were aired on ESPN, the announcer let it slip – or maybe made a mistake – that they’d be back in late January for another fight card.

Fight Night at Del Sol (Steve Rivera photo)

But, the fans want it. More than 1,200 showed up Thursday night at Casino Del Sol. But, nothing is official and dates have yet to be determined. That may be one of the hurdles.

“We are very appreciative of the support from the community as we have attempted to recharge the rich boxing history in Tucson,” said Steve Neely, Casino Del Sol’s chief operating officer. “We do not have anything in place with GBP currently but we are evaluating all options with them as well as other promoters. As soon as we have something lined up we will let everyone know.”

But it seems both parties are mutually interested in continuing the marriage – which is a good thing for fight fans. Del Sol continues to be the leader who wants the fights and Golden Boy and Showdown Promotions are willing to continue the fights.

“We’re working on (trying) to come back next year,” said Sergio Diaz, of Showdown Promotions. “The casino has been great. We’ve put on three terrific shows (in 2017).”

He’s hopeful about next year, but said it’s too early to tell if it will happen. He added that he’s liked what he’s seen so far with the cards and attendance.

“We want to involve the local fighters,” Diaz said. “We had a local fighter, Christopher Gonzalez. He someone we want to bring up little by little.”

What Diaz continues to see – after all these years – is Tucson remains a “great fight town” and one that wants boxing.

“They came out (on Thursday) and that’s why we want to continue this,” he said.

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