BASEBALL: BNL Tryouts coming up; list of former athletes at the next level

BNL athletes at or signed to the next level:

2015, Javier Medina, 2nd Round Colorado Rockies
2015, Travis Howard, drafted by Detroit Tigers/Playing for Santa Clara U
2015, Cesar Salazar, University of Arizona
2015, Eric Migueles, University of Utah
2015, Nick Aims, University of Nevada Las Vegas
2015, Max Smith, University of Nevada Las Vegas
2015, Gabe Benavides, Grand Canyon University
2015, Andrew Edwards, New Mexico State University
2015, Nathan Soriano, Central Arizona Community College
2015, Sati Santa Cruz, Philadelphia Phillies
2015, Bradley Gonzales, Dallas Baptist University
2015, Carter Kahn, Pima Community College
2016, Tristan Peterson, Kansas State University
2016, Alex Reyes, New Mexico State University
2016, Austin Bryan, New Mexico State University
2016, Josh Durand, Whittenburg University
2016, Adam Mays, Wittenberg University
2016, Zach Rosson, Northwestern University
2016, Jake Engel, Dixie State University
2016, Nick Estrella, Azusa Pacific University
2016, Derek Daily, Colorado School of Mines
2016, Juan Ponce, Wayland Baptist University
2016, Tyler Hansen, Grand Canyon University
2016, Jose Osete, Cal State San Bernardino
2016, Niko Piazza, Scottsdale Community College
2016, Adam Moraga, Pima Community College
2016, Jose Contreras, Pima Community College
2016, Troy Gutbub, Central Community College
2016, Adrian Martinez, South Mountain Community College
2016, Brendon Rodriguez, Cochise Community College
2016, Spencer Packard, Arizona Western Community College
2016, Cody Treatch, Gateway Community College
2016, Dave Chavez, NM Military
2016, Fernando Zubia, Midland C.C.
2016, Max Christoff, Pima Community College
2016, Cooper Williams, New Mexico State University
2016, Colin King, Regis University Colorado
2017-Trevor Rogers-1st round MLB Marlins
2017-Gil Luna-University of Arizona
2017-Nick Gonzalez-New Mexico State University
2017-Dominic Grissom-University of San Francisco
2017-Fernando Gonzalez-Wayland Baptist University
2017-Jacob Allen-Cal State San Bernardino Univ
2017-Matt Amado-Pomona Pitzer University
2017-Dylan Kaiser-Cornell University
2017-Manny Villa -Scottsdale Community College
2017-Ivan Murillo-Pima Community College
2017-Max Fimbres-Pima Community College
2017-Ryan Craig-Pima Community College
2017-Jacob Federico-Pima Community College
2017-Angel Castillo-Pima Community College
2017-Jacob Adams-Wayland Baptist University
2017-David Chavez-New Mexico Military C.C.
2017-Rigo Leon-Vernon Community College
2017-Isias Lucero-Pima Community College
2017-Michael Santorelli-Lamar College
2017-Paulo Rodriguez-Pima Community College
2017-Drew Hill-Colorado School Of Mines
2017-Alex Hernandez-Mesa C.C.
2017-Nate Smith-Aurora University
2017-Sam Kalberer-Scottsdale C.C.
2017-Ruben Figueroa-Cochise C.C.
2017-Ethan Castro-Trinidad C.C.
2017-Stockton Pringle-New Mexico Military C.C.
2017-Fernie Zubia-Midland C.C. Texas
2017-Aaron Gonzalez-Midland C.C. Texas
2017-Lucas Slingerland-Austin College, Texas
2018, Ian Mejia, University of Arizona
2018, Seth Ochoa, Texas Tech University
2018, Chris Barraza, NMST University
2018, Kevin Jimenez, NMST University
2018, Ivan Melendez, Odessa Community College
2018, Alex Martinez, Vernon Community College
2018, Mark Lopez, New Mexico State University
2018, Evan Fallwell, Minot University
2018, Dante DeNiro, Grand Canyon University
2018, Alexus Torres, Multiple offers will commit soon
2018, Adrian Torres, New Mexico C.C.
2018, Andre Green, Paradise Valley Community College
2018, Steven Saunders, Cochise Community College
2018, Matt Olsen, Central Community College
2018, Marcel Bachelier, Multiple offers will commit soon
2018, Tyler Wiltshire, Minot University
2018, Reese David, Multiple offers will commit soon
2018, Nick Parker, Multiple offers will commit soon
2018, Jimmy Deleon, Cochise Community College
2018, Christian Montes, McKendree University
2018, Cameron Crotte, McKendree University
2018, Christian Pichardo, McKendree University
2019, Preston Clifford, New Mexico University
2019, Darell Hernandez, Texas Tech
2019, Preston Clifford, U of New Mexico
2019, Jose Dicochea, U of Arizona
2019, Jordan Elliot, University of Arizona










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