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So many questions and so little answers for Sean Miller & Co.

Where does Arizona go from here?

Well, in the polls way down. In the minds of those who think this team is any good? Well, that will change, too.

Two strange losses in the Bahamas makes you think clearly. Deep into the night of Thanksgiving, Arizona can be thankful some didn’t see the game because it was on obscure ESPN 3.

In Arizona’s 66-60 loss, you can hear the announcers trying to talk up the Wildcats with every possession, only to see them fumble and stumble their way to a bad shot, a bad pass or a bad decision.

What else is there when it comes to basketball?

It’s clear Arizona has more problems than just the FBI investigation. Doesn’t it?

Either Arizona has run into two of more overlooked teams in the country in North Carolina State and SMU or it is just not good right now. I’ll take the latter.

With NC State losing to Northern Iowa it’s all even stranger. But give SMU and NC State credit, they solved the Arizona riddle, which means others will too.

Arizona’s Allonzo Trier is defended by Ben Emelogu in Battle 4 Atlantis. (Photo courtesy Arizona Athletics)

I haven’t seen something this perplexing in the Arizona basketball program since, well, I don’t know when. Maybe Arizona’s first-round losses to East Tennessee State in 1992 and Santa Clara in 1993.

What it shows is all that talent means nothing.

But it has to mean something, doesn’t it?

And not sure you can use the excuse of the team being young in as much in the recent past it has had a load of young players and it did well. It surely didn’t lose to teams like SMU and North Carolina State.

Those teams just played harder and were tougher. You mean to tell me Arizona can’t do that?

Arizona’s Ira Lee and Emmanuel Akot said last night in the Bahamas that all this is a “learning experience” and they will move on. It’s just early in the season to let it affect them.

If it’s early, what did they get out of their trip to Spain? Wasn’t that supposed to help? The easy wins over Northern Arizona, UMBC and Cal State Bakersfield? Cupcakes to be sure but that’s why you have them, to get experience.

It’s clear Sean Miller will have his work cut out for him. Arizona isn’t making enough stops and clearly not hitting big shots from the perimeter. Can that really get better overnight?

How about a zone defense? Apparently, he said he might look into doing that under certain conditions.

The conditions seem about right after Thursday night. Nothing else is working.

The good thing nothing is won or lost in November or December and for that matter January and February. It’s what happens in March that matters and until then it’s clear it’s going to be a bumpy and strange ride.

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