WRESTLING: Sunnyside in good shape for another championship

Roman Bravo-Young (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)

The Sunnyside Blue Devils hold a 148 to 103 lead over Yuma Cibola in the Division I state championships heading into the final round today, Friday Feb. 9. With a win today, the Blue Devils will celebrate team championship number 31.

Four Blue Devils will be wrestling for an individual state title tonight including Jesse Ybarra in the 106 weight-class against Zack Kvavle of Corona Del Sol; Juan Manuel Garcia (120) vs. Tariq Hornbuckle of Desert Vista; Vincent Loaiza (126) vs. Chris Kelly of Chandler and Roman Bravo-Young (132) vs. Steven Jarman of Mesa.

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Sunnyside (30)
1979: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1981: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1982: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1983: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1984: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1985: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1986: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1987: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1988: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1990: 4A (Richard Sanchez)
1991: 4A (Richard Sanchez)
1992: 4A (Richard Sanchez)
1993: 4A (Richard Sanchez)
1994: 4A (Richard Sanchez)
1996: 5A (Bobby DeBerry)
1998: 5A (Bobby DeBerry)
1999: 5A (Bobby DeBerry)
2000: 4A (Bobby DeBerry)
2001: 4A (Bobby DeBerry)
2002: 4A (Bobby DeBerry)
2003: 4A (Bobby DeBerry)
2004: 4A (Bobby DeBerry)
2005: 4A (Bobby DeBerry)
2006: 5A-II (Bobby DeBerry)
2007: 5A-II (Bobby DeBerry)
2008: 5A-II (Bobby DeBerry)
2009: 5A-II (Bobby DeBerry)
2010: 5A-II (Bobby DeBerry)
2011: D-I (Bobby DeBerry)
2013: D-I (Anthony Leon)

Santa Cruz (5)
1977: 3A (Jay Denton)
1978: 3A (Steve Combs)
1979: 3A (Steve Combs)
1991: 1A/2A (Jay Denton)
1995: 3A (Jay Denton)

Benson (4)
1983: 1A/2A (Fred Comaduran)
1989: 1A/2A (Fred Comaduran)
1993: 1A/2A (Fred Comaduran)
1994: 1A/2A (Fred Comaduran)

Flowing Wells (4)
1978: 4A (Dave Thomas)
1979: 4A (Dave Thomas)
1980: 4A (Dave Thomas)
1994: 4A (Dave Thomas)

Ironwood Ridge (4)
2011: D-II (Tim Berrier)
2012: D-II (Tim Berrier)
2013: D-II (Tim Berrier)
2016: D-I (Tim Berrier)

Desert View (3)
1987: 4A (Chris Antoniotti)
1988: 4A (Chris Antoniotti)
1989: 4A (Chris Antoniotti)

Pueblo (2)
1992: 5A (John Mulay)
2008: 4A-I (Steve Lopez)

San Manuel (2)
2002: 1A/2A (Manny Yubeta)
2004: 1A/2A (Manny Yubeta)
Cienega (1)

2009: 4A-I (Marty Niblo)

Marana (1)
1983: 4A (Bob Newman)

Mountain View (1)
2017: D-II (PJ Ponce)


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