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Arizona would be a No. 4 seed in West if NCAA Tournament held now

Photo courtesy Stan Liu, Arizona Athletics

If the NCAA tournament were to be determined today, Arizona would be a No. 4 seed in the West, which is pretty consistent with how many have projected.

UA’s 81-67 win over USC clearly helped the Wildcats stay among the top 16 seeds.

The NCAA Selection Committee made the announcement Sunday morning in its second preview show in as many years. The actual tournament seeding will be held March 11.

Virginia (23-2), Villanova (23-2), Xavier (23-3) and Purdue (23-4) were all named No. 1 seeds.

The No. 2 seeds are: Auburn (22-3), Kansas (19-6), Duke (19-5) and Cincinnati (22-2).

The No. 3 seeds are: Clemson (20-4), Texas Tech (21-4), Michigan State (24-3) and North Carolina (19-7).

The No. 4 seeds are: Tennessee (18-6), Ohio State (22-5), Arizona (20-6) and Oklahoma (16-8).

By region, the brackets would be:
South: 1. Virginia, 2. Cincinnati, 3. Tennessee, 4. Michigan State

East: 1. Villanova, 2. Duke, 3. Texas Tech, 4. Ohio State

Midwest: 1. Xavier, 2. Auburn, 3. Clemson, 4. Oklahoma

West: 1. Purdue, 2. Kansas, 3. North Carolina, 4. Arizona

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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