Valdez endures broken jaw/busted teeth in 6th round, goes on to fight through the 12th and win a unanimous decision.

Prefight Backdrop

At the weigh-in on March 9th, Oscar Valdez came in 8oz under the 126lbs limit and tipped the scales at 125.8. His challenger, Scott Quigg weighed in nearly three pounds over the featherweight limit at 128.8. Normally, a fighter over the division weight limit would be allowed to weigh-in again that same day after a short period of time two allow the athlete to shave off the extra few ounces or pounds and make weight. However, under California Athletic Commission regulation, the 2.8 lbs is over the allowable limit that the commission would deem safe for athletes to shave in such a short amount of time. This forces the commission to fine the offending camp, in this case, Quigg and his camp, $20,000 and gives Valdez the right to dictate terms for allowing the fight to continue.
The Valdez Camp, it was reported, wanted Quigg to weigh-in again the morning of the fight and for Quigg to not weigh more than he did at the official weigh-ins. Those were the terms that Valdez and his team wanted to impose in order for the fight to continue. Quigg refused to weigh-in again the morning of the fight forcing Valdez and his team to make a decision.
Valdez, known for being a risk taker and it being cited by some of boxing’s most highly regarded experts a one of the biggest reasons he is one of the sports more compelling fighters to follow, is the very definition of a crowd-pleasing boxer. He wants fights fans to get all they expect from championship boxing. Valdez decided that he’ll fight Quigg at any weight. Kudos to the Nogales/Tucson native for having a true fighter’s mentality.
Despite a torrential downpour making its way through the LA area, the fight is on.

Photo via Top Rank Twitter


Quigg -In our review of his most recent bouts, he’s kept the fight in the middle of the ring, shown discipline and puts together strings of combinations that simply overwhelmed opponents and rarely gave them a chance to counter. When opponents tried countering, Quigg’s discipline and athletism was able to exploit openings opponents exposed while sitting on punches trying to counter Quigg’s onslaught.

What ACTUALLY happened– Quigg actually spent the entire bout walking down Valdez all over the ring. Could not get combinations going. In the middle of the ring, Quigg is active and efficient. When on the move, Valdez simply didn’t allow Quigg to string together more than two punches at a time. Landing at only a 25% clip, Quigg didn’t land much. Those shots that did land were enough to cause the most damage Valdez has EVER endured. Quigg simply couldn’t tee off like he’s used to.

Oscar Valdez suffered a broken jaw in his title defense bout with Scott Quigg on March 10, 2018 at StubHub Center in Carson, CA. Photo via Top Rank twitter


Valdez -For Valdez to prove to the world that his name deserves to be mentioned among the great fighters of his era, he needs to show a tremendous leap in discipline tomorrow night. Sticking to the gameplan and listening to his corner is the very first thing Valdez will need to rectify. If Valdez can simply do that, it would be hard to think of anyone in the featherweight division that can stop him. Valdez’s surest road to victory might be to out-score Quigg. Out-boxing him and win using a round-by-round approach.

What ACTUALLY happened-Valdez followed his corner’s instructions and his game plan precisely. Valdez showed a lot of grit and emotion but he seemed in control of it the entire time. Fighting a much bigger fighter in comparison, Valdez was able to out-box Quigg and win round after round. I did award a couple of rounds to Quigg, but overall, Valdez simply out-scored Quigg and Freddie Roach’s advise to Quigg in between the later rounds, seems to agree. Roach started telling Quigg that he needed to knock Valdez out in order to win and that he needed to “fight the biggest three minutes of your life right here,” going into the 12th round.

Again, our “Keys to the Bout,” from Friday seems to have proven true. Valdez simply listened to his corner and stuck to the game plan. He also showed a growth in maturity and discipline and it was all it took to overcome a tremendous disadvantage in weight and size.

Oscar Valdez refused to be sent to the hospital to be treated for a broken jaw and damage to his teeth. He had a cut above his eye brow stitched up in the dressing room. He later acknowledged the broken jaw and revealed that he suffered a hurt hand as well.

Manny Robles, when interviewed by Top Rank’s Crystina Poncher, expressed frustration with Scott Quigg and his camp over Quigg missing weight and also calls out Carl Frampton.



Quigg walks in to the venue to a chorus of boo’s. Is introduced to the crowd and the crowd responds with boos. Valdez met with cheers. The crowd is overwhelmingly a Valdez crowd.
Valdez is focused. There’s a look of intensity on Valdez’s face.
1st: Valdez is starting the bout with his guard below his chin. Valdez starting off the aggressor. Landing power punches early. Quigg settling using jabs. Valdez is landing HUGE blows in this first round. Valdez staying in range to land monster blows. Quigg mostly using jabs.
Valdez 10-9
2nd: Valdez starts the round attacking the body. Using upper cuts. Quigg looking for his chance but Valdez is him with his attack. Quigg fighting with his mouth open already. Valdez is simply out scoring Quigg in this round. Valdez is just plainly out-boxing Quigg.
Round to Valdez
3rd: Valdez looking to simply box Quigg and it’s effective. Quigg has simply not been allowed to get close enough to be effective. Valdez continues working Quigg’s body. When Quigg tries coming in, Valdez meets him with a shot to the body or a jab. Quigg looks like he wants to turn this into a brawl.
Round to Valdez
4th: Quigg so far in this fight has gone away from throwing combinations, which he is known for. Quigg being kept at a distance with Valdez body shots and jabs. Quigg is walking Valdez down but not throwing enough punches. I estimate for every one of Quigg’s punches thrown in this round, Valdez is throwing three. The crowd reacting to Valdez landing shots. Quigg became aggressive in this round.
Round to close to call for me. I’ll say Valdez 10-9
5th: Valdez is simply more active. But Quigg is starting to smother Valdez. The weight difference seems to be coming into play. Quigg is just leaning on Valdez any chance he gets. Huge cut over the left eye of Quigg. Valdez is wobbled and Valdez is trying to hold Quigg. Valdez is bleeding from his lip I believe.
Round to Quigg
6th: Valdez bleeding from his mouth pretty noticeably. Valdez throwing combinations. Quigg wrestles Valdez down. Quigg receives a warning. Quigg is hanging all over Valdez. Taking advantage of illegally outweighing Valdez.
Round to Quigg
7th: Valdez’s bleeding has become alarming at this point. Valdez’s corner believes he bit his tongue. Valdez is alert and is fighting well. But Quigg is starting to execute well.
Round Valdez
8th: Valdez is just more active. Again. But Quigg’s game plan looking more effective as this fight goes on. Quigg seems to simply be counting on the fact that he weighs more. And the difference is VERY noticeable.
Round Valdez (activity and punches landed)
9th: Announcers make it a point to say that Valdez’s corner refuses to take his mouth piece out while he’s on the stool. Valdez fighting with urgency. Quiggs looking a couple of steps slower this round but still standing strong. Quigg is simply not active enough for me to award him more points. Valdez, even though he may be fighting through a busted jaw, bitten tongue or broken tooth, is just MORE ACTIVE. Landing more punch simply by volume.
Round Valdez


10th: Huge body shots by Valdez landing. Valdez is still throwing more punches and landing more as a result. Quigg is efficient but just not throwing enough. Valdez’s attack has slowed. Both fighters exchange huge blows with Valdez against the ropes. Quigg’s nose is most certainly broken.
Round is a draw in my opinion
Referee is warning Quiggs corner that he’s taken too many shots. Roach warns Quigg that he needs a KO to win now.

11th: Valdez resorting to that wreckless abandon that he’s infamous for. Quigg doesn’t look to have much behind his punches. Both look drained. Valdez is STILL more active. Quigg is simply resorting to the illegal weight advantage he’s put on. Quigg landing huge punches. Low blow Quigg. Valdez finishes the round with a HUGE flurry. Quigg can’t find his corner!
Round to Valdez 10-9
Quigg and all the UK will not like this decision if it lasts that long.

12th: Both look like they’re willing to die in the ring. Quigg’s face looks like something out of Star Trek. Valdez looks like Rocky with that jaw. Valdez is STILL MORE ACTIVE. Landing more punches by volume. Quigg, again, is landing everything he throws, but he’s not throwing enough. Quigg is missing a lot in this round. Final 30 seconds…Quigg is NOT giving Freddie Roach what he asked for.
Round Valdez.
A star is born?

I have Valdez winning a decision. I have him winning 10 rounds to 2. Call me a homer but he was simply the aggressor and landed more. Judges will take that jaw into account. But they SHOULD also take that weight difference into account too.

Valdez a unanimous decision!
Valdez lands 36% to 25%
Much respect to Scott…look what he did to my teeth. I take my hat off to him…

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