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32nd Annual Flowing Wells JHS Wrestling Invitational

32nd Annual Flowing Wells JHS Invitational
March 9-10

Flowing Wells hosted the 32nd Annual Junior High Wrestling Invitational on Friday and Saturday. The invitational is the equivalent to the Southern Arizona championships.

Lauffer Middle School won the team title over Marana. Lauffer is part of the Sunnyside School District. Wilson, the feeder school to Ironwood Ridge, finished in third place.

1-Lauffer (Sunnyside) -176.0
2-Marana -160.0
3-Wilson (Amphi) -158.0
4-Sahuarita -154.0
5-Tortolita (Marana)-138.0
6-Coronado (Amphi) -113.0
7-Sierra (Sunnyside) -96.5
8-Rincon Vista (Vail) -95.0
9-Corona Foothills (Vail) -92.0
10-Rio Rico -84.0
11-Gridley (TUSD) -75.0
12-Anza Trail (Sahuarita)-71.0
13-Challenger (Sunnyside) -70.0
14-Flowing Wells -62.0
15-Old Vail (Vail) -57.5
16-Desert Sky (Vail) -55.0
17-Orange Grove (Catalina Foothills)-47.5
18-Cross (Amphi) -47.0
19-Esperero (Cat Foothills) -45.0
20-Amphi -39.0
21-La Cima (Amphi) -38.0
22-Continental -15.0

1st Place – Jaden Ibarra of Wilson
2nd Place – Justin Fox of Sahuarita
3rd Place – Jayden Smith of Lauffer
4th Place – Patrick Kincannon of Rincon Vista

1st Place Match
Jaden Ibarra (Wilson) 26-3, 7th. over Justin Fox (Sahuarita) 26-7, 7th. (Fall 0:54)
3rd Place Match
Jayden Smith (Lauffer) 20-5, 6th. over Patrick Kincannon (Rincon Vista) 15-7, 8th. (Fall 4:02)

1st Place – Audrey Jimenez of Lauffer
2nd Place – Peyton Proper of Marana
3rd Place – Dakota Nettles of Old Vail
4th Place – Jayden Rael of Sahuarita

1st Place Match
Audrey Jimenez (Lauffer) 18-1, 6th. over Peyton Proper (Marana) 22-6, 7th. (Dec 5-1)
3rd Place Match
Dakota Nettles (Old Vail) 12-3, 7th. over Jayden Rael (Sahuarita) 31-5, 8th. (Fall 4:35)

1st Place – Adyn Bostick of Sierra
2nd Place – Troy Garrick of Cross
3rd Place – Cam Hackworth of Lauffer
4th Place – Isaiah Miller of Sahuarita

1st Place Match
Adyn Bostick (Sierra) 22-1, 6th. over Troy Garrick (Cross) 12-2, 7th. (Dec 6-0)
3rd Place Match
Cam Hackworth (Lauffer) 21-5, 6th. over Isaiah Miller (Sahuarita) 19-7, 7th. (Dec 10-4)

1st Place – J.J. Diaz of Flowing Wells
2nd Place – Victor Gonzalez of Sierra
3rd Place – Otto Hagele of Coronado
4th Place – Braydon Pitts of Cross

1st Place Match
J.J. Diaz (Flowing Wells) 23-1, 7th. over Victor Gonzalez (Sierra) 15-8, 6th. (Fall 0:51)
3rd Place Match
Otto Hagele (Coronado) 20-7, 7th. over Braydon Pitts (Cross) 9-5, 6th. (MD 23-11)

1st Place – Andres Baca of Lauffer
2nd Place – Mason Flores of Marana
3rd Place – Emanuel Tapia of Rio Rico
4th Place – Jaden Buchanan of Tortolita

1st Place Match
Andres Baca (Lauffer) 21-1, 7th. over Mason Flores (Marana) 22-7, 8th. (Fall 4:07)
3rd Place Match
Emanuel Tapia (Rio Rico) 17-7, 7th. over Jaden Buchanan (Tortolita) 22-9, 7th. (Dec 3-1)

1st Place – Daniel Miranda of Tortolita
2nd Place – Isaiah Borbon of Sahuarita
3rd Place – James Ofeciar of Marana
4th Place – Adrian Parra of Flowing Wells

1st Place Match
Daniel Miranda (Tortolita) 28-3, 7th. over Isaiah Borbon (Sahuarita) 18-6, 7th. (Fall 0:56)
3rd Place Match
James Ofeciar (Marana) 22-8, 7th. over Adrian Parra (Flowing Wells) 13-5, 7th. (Fall 5:00)

1st Place – David Villarreal of Anza Trail
2nd Place – Kellan Merz of Coronado
3rd Place – Cristian Rivera of Desert Sky
4th Place – Jacob Jurado of La Cima

1st Place Match
David Villarreal (Anza Trail) 30-7, 8th. over Kellan Merz (Coronado) 24-3, 8th. (SV-1 4-2)
3rd Place Match
Cristian Rivera (Desert Sky) 33-5, 7th. over Jacob Jurado (La Cima) 8-5, 7th. (Dec 4-2)

1st Place – Gabe Gomez of Tortolita
2nd Place – Kayden Luke of Coronado
3rd Place – Luis Hernandez of Challenger
4th Place – Eric Brown of Marana

1st Place Match
Gabe Gomez (Tortolita) 26-8, 8th. over Kayden Luke (Coronado) 22-5, 6th. (Dec 4-2)
3rd Place Match
Luis Hernandez (Challenger) 19-5, 8th. over Eric Brown (Marana) 24-11, 8th. (MD 14-3)

1st Place – Jaime Rivera of Desert Sky
2nd Place – Nick Pina of Lauffer
3rd Place – Richard Cunes of Sahuarita
4th Place – Aaron Ramirez of Coronado

1st Place Match
Jaime Rivera (Desert Sky) 45-1, 8th. over Nick Pina (Lauffer) 21-2, 6th. (TF-1.5 2:18 (17-2))
3rd Place Match
Richard Cunes (Sahuarita) 34-6, 8th. over Aaron Ramirez (Coronado) 20-7, 6th. (Fall 3:27)

1st Place – Austin Scott of Wilson
2nd Place – Ritchie McCormack of Rincon Vista
3rd Place – David Chase of Corona Foothills
4th Place – Brennan Nadler of Marana

1st Place Match
Austin Scott (Wilson) 36-5, 8th. over Ritchie McCormack (Rincon Vista) 29-3, 8th. (MD 8-0)
3rd Place Match
David Chase (Corona Foothills) 35-6, 8th. over Brennan Nadler (Marana) 25-7, 8th. (Fall 1:40)

1st Place – Nate Tennant of Tortolita
2nd Place – Cj Hangartner of Rincon Vista
3rd Place – Isaiah Puckett of Gridley
4th Place – Braden Peglow of Old Vail

1st Place Match
Nate Tennant (Tortolita) 25-3, 8th. over Cj Hangartner (Rincon Vista) 10-3, 8th. (Dec 11-4)
3rd Place Match
Isaiah Puckett (Gridley) 6-3, 8th. over Braden Peglow (Old Vail) 28-9, 8th. (Dec 7-4)

1st Place – Josh Vance of Corona Foothills
2nd Place – Matthew Huarta of Anza Trail
3rd Place – Kayvon Pajouyan of Gridley
4th Place – Anthony Wilhite of Esperero

1st Place Match
Josh Vance (Corona Foothills) 28-7, 8th. over Matthew Huarta (Anza Trail) 29-7, 7th. (MD 19-10)
3rd Place Match
Kayvon Pajouyan (Gridley) 9-1, 8th. over Anthony Wilhite (Esperero) 21-5, 8th. (SV-1 8-6)

1st Place – Rene Fragoso of Sierra
2nd Place – Nasohn Jantz of Wilson
3rd Place – Marcos Suarez of Amphi
4th Place – Enrique Dolores of Rio Rico

1st Place Match
Rene Fragoso (Sierra) 24-1, 8th. over Nasohn Jantz (Wilson) 25-6, 7th. (TF-1.5 5:00 (15-0))
3rd Place Match
Marcos Suarez (Amphi) 21-6, 8th. over Enrique Dolores (Rio Rico) 14-6, 8th. (Fall 2:25)

1st Place – Fernando Villaescusa of Rio Rico
2nd Place – Ethan Morrison of Wilson
3rd Place – Timmy Morris of Rincon Vista
4th Place – Eric Wan of Orange Grove

1st Place Match
Fernando Villaescusa (Rio Rico) 28-0, 8th. over Ethan Morrison (Wilson) 35-4, 8th. (MD 15-2)
3rd Place Match
Timmy Morris (Rincon Vista) 12-4, 8th. over Eric Wan (Orange Grove) 13-10, 8th. (Fall 0:57)

1st Place – Levi Pannell of Sahuarita
2nd Place – Carlos Gonzalez of Lauffer
3rd Place – Anthony Amezaga of Rio Rico
4th Place – Tavion Blunt of La Cima

1st Place Match
Levi Pannell (Sahuarita) 21-4, 8th. over Carlos Gonzalez (Lauffer) 14-1, 8th. (Dec 9-2)
3rd Place Match
Anthony Amezaga (Rio Rico) 16-5, 8th. over Tavion Blunt (La Cima) 8-5, 8th. (Fall 2:08)

1st Place – Sam Benjamin of Wilson
2nd Place – Luis Cordova of Lauffer
3rd Place – Carter Brown of Marana
4th Place – Pablo Pena of Tortolita

1st Place Match
Sam Benjamin (Wilson) 28-5, 8th. over Luis Cordova (Lauffer) 22-1, 6th. (Dec 5-1)
3rd Place Match
Carter Brown (Marana) 13-5, 8th. over Pablo Pena (Tortolita) 19-11, 8th. (Fall 4:14)








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