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Arizona Wildcats end ASU’s four-year Territorial Cup Series reign with baseball win

Not since the 2011-12 season have the Arizona Wildcats clearly owned the Territorial Cup Series trophy in its competition with archrival ASU.

The long wait for in-state supremacy is over for Arizona by virtue of the Wildcats’ 10-9 win over ASU in 11 innings at Hi Corbett Field today. Donta Williams’ RBI single drove in Nick Quintana with the winning run, sending the Wildcats into wild celebration.

The final tally for the Territorial Cup Series came down to all 20 head-to-head meetings and 21 sports competitions with Arizona clinching the last point on the victory over ASU today to win with 11 points to ASU’s 10. Arizona earned the point in baseball by winning the season series with three wins to the Sun Devils’ one.

Arizona celebrates its 10-9 win over ASU in the 11th inning tonight at Hi Corbett Field (Pac-12 Network screen shot)

There is a dispute between Arizona and ASU if the Sun Devils’ streak claiming the Territorial Cup Series title was five years or only four.

ASU believes it won the Territorial Cup Series for five consecutive seasons before this year because in 2012-13 it claimed a point for men’s indoor track and field although that sport was not agreed upon by both schools as part of the competition. ASU’s point from that sport tied the competition and the Sun Devils finished higher in the Directors’ Cup standing that season.

Nevertheless, ASU won it four straight years … before today.

Here are the Territorial Cup Series guidelines and 2017-18 results:

— Each sport will be worth one (1) point.
— The point is awarded to the team that wins a season series.
— If the teams play once in a given season (football) then that game counts as one point.
— For baseball and softball, all regular season games count towards season series tally, including the non-conference games.
— For swimming and diving, cross country, golf, and track and field only, one point is awarded to whichever team finishes higher in the Pac-12 Championship.
— If teams split the regular season match-ups, then each team receives a point for that sport.
— In the event of a tie the following tie-breaker will be used: University with higher finish in the Directors’ Cup Standings.
— In the event of a tie after the Directors’ Cup Standings are used the Territorial Cup will end in a tie.

Sport Result Arizona ASU Scoring
Football ASU/42-30 0 1 Head-to-head
Men's Cross Country UA/8th-9th 1 1 Pac-12 finish
Women's Soccer UA/2-1 2 1 Head-to-head
Women's Volleyball UA/3-0 2.5 1 Head-to-head
UA/4-1 3 1 Head-to-head
Women's Cross Country UA/7th-8th 4 1 Pac-12 finish
Men's Basketball UA/84-78 4.5 1 Head-to-head
UA/77-70 5 1 Head-to-head
Women's Basketball ASU/75-50 5 1.5 Head-to-head
ASU/69-45 5 2 Head-to-head
Women's Swimming/Diving ASU/3rd-5th 5 3 Pac-12 finish
Men's Swimming/Diving ASU/4th-5th 5 4 Pac-12 finish
Gymnastics ASU/196.7-195.0 5 5 Head-to-head
Men's Indoor T&F UA/9th-11th 6 5 Pac-12 finish
Women's Indoor T&F ASU/8th-11th 6 6 Pac-12 finish
Sand Volleyball UA/4-1 6.5 6 Head-to-head
UA/3-2 7 6 Head-to-head
Women's Tennis ASU/4-2 7 7 Head-to-head
Men's Tennis ASU/4-0 7 8 Head-to-head
Softball UA/2-1 (games) 8 8 Series result
Women's Golf UA/3rd-5th 9 8 Pac-12 finish
Men's Golf ASU/3rd-8th 9 9 Pac-12 finish
Men's Outdoor T&F UA/4th-10th 10 9 Pac-12 finish
Women's Outdoor T&F ASU/5th-7th 10 10 Pac-12 finish
Baseball UA/3-1 (games) 11 10 Series result

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