Mexican Baseball Fiesta

Naranjeros Baseball Camp to be held at Pima College July 13-15

An affordable way for youths ages 7 to 16 to work on their baseball skills will be offered July 13-15 at the Naranjeros Baseball Camp at Pima Community College’s West Campus.

The cost is only $60 for each participant for the three-day event run by the Mexican pro baseball team Naranjeros de Hermosillo and the Mexican Baseball Fiesta.

Members of the Naranjeros coaching staff will teach the participants along with Mexican Baseball Fiesta partner Francisco Gamez, who pitched 10 years in the Mexican Winter League. Individual skills (pitching, fielding and hitting) will be taught.

Mike Feder (left) and Francisco Gamez were at last night’s Sun Belt College League All-Star Game providing information on the upcoming Naranjeros Baseball Camp at Pima College and the Mexican Baseball Fiesta on Oct. 4-7 at Kino Stadium (Javier Morales/

The camp will run 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. (the dates are on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

The Naranjeros are regular visitors to Tucson having participated in the Vamos A Tucson Mexican Baseball Fiesta in the seven years of its existence. This week’s Mexican Baseball Fiesta will be at Kino Stadium on Oct. 4-7 and Arizona’s baseball team will be involved.

Cornelio Garcia, a member of the Naranjeros coaching staff, will be a part of the camp staff. Garcie was elected to the Salon de la Fama, Mexican Professional Baseball Hall of Fame, on the first ballot in 2013. Juan Aguirre, the Naranjeros’ general manager, and Edgar Soto, the athletic director at Pima, will open the camp with a speech to the campers.

Each participant will receive a Naranjeros Baseball Camp shirt and Naranjeros cap. Reservations can be made by calling Gamez at 520-460-5750 or by showing up on the camp’s first day (July 13) at 7:30 a.m. with a check.

The Naranjeros have won 16 Mexican Pacific League titles and two Caribbean Series championships. In winning the 2014 Caribbean Series title, they became the first Mexican team to capture than since they won it in 1976.

A Mexican Baseball Fiesta press release provided the information for this report.

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