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Maybe one day Tate will run again, but it doesn’t look like anytime soon

Maybe it’ll take until October for Khalil Tate to get back into form as a running quarterback. Then again, maybe not.

It was October of last year when Tate came on the scene unlike any University of Arizona quarterback before him, rushing for 327 yards in the first October game after just 86 in a reserve role behind then starter Brandon Dawkins.

UA quarterback Khalil Tate at a recent practice. (Photo courtesy Matt Moreno,

This year is much like last year at this time – only with less punch. Through two games last year Tate rushed for 86 yards on 10 carries. This year, Tate has 40 rushing yards on 19 carries.

When a reporter asked head coach Kevin Sumlin if it’s a case “of what we see is what we get” when it comes to Tate running, Sumlin said there is a reason why Tate hasn’t run much is because he continues to be limited.

“We’re going to play to hiss strengths but to our strengths,” Sumlin said at his weekly press conference. “Obviously, he wasn’t 100 percent healthy in that game but he was still effective.”

Tate passed for five touchdowns but had just 18 rushing yards on four carries. His long run was for 12 yards.
Sumlin did say he’s still looking for consistency from his quarterback and Saturday’s win over Southern Utah helped with that. He’s still looking for better communication with the offensive line, better snap counts and cadence.

“Little things that you take for granted,” Sumlin said.

Sumlin said that was improved on Saturday but “we have to continue to get better.”

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