Lute Olson on Richard Jefferson: ‘Congratulations … on an incredible career’

Former Arizona star Richard Jefferson retired from the NBA after a solid 17-year career that saw him win a world title with the Cleveland Cavaliers a couple of years back. What a ride it’s been.

Former UA coach Lute Olson sent me this quote on Richard, who played for him in the late 1990s-early 2000s.

“Richard had 17 successful years in the NBA and got his championship ring,” Olson said. “Most recently, he has proven to be a terrific analyst, as well. He is a great young man and will continue to be successful in whatever venture he chooses next. Congratulations, Richard on an incredible career!”

Here is Anthony Gimino’s take on Jefferson’s retirement through Sean Miller and a chapter from our book “100 Things Arizona Fans need to know and do before they Die”

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