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Flowing Wells Wrestling Invitational Results

(Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)


Flowing Wells Invitational

Jan. 19-20

The 53rd Flowing Wells Invitational is in the books and Sunnyside outdistanced the pack to bring home its 30th championship in the series by beating Desert Vista 270 to 220.5. Walden Grove scored 213 points to take third…


Sunnyside’s Anthony Echemendia. (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)


1st Place – Iris Lujan of Socorro
2nd Place – Caylee Townsend of Camp Verde
3rd Place – Carlye Macpherson of Mohave
4th Place – Natalie Masters of Empire

1st Place – Amelia Lewis of Walden Grove
2nd Place – Ariana Olmo of Empire
3rd Place – Cameron Tutas of Catalina High Magnet School
4th Place – Diana Badillo of Tolleson

1st Place – Mylei Seigla of Canyon Del Oro
2nd Place – Reyanna Robles of Pueblo
3rd Place – Genesis Higuera of Odysee Institute
4th Place – Karen Montenegro of Socorro

1st Place – Julia Chambers of Skyline
2nd Place – Candice Pocase of Santa Rita
3rd Place – Jaymi Baker of Gila Ridge
4th Place – Alejandra Magana of Socorro

1st Place – Carolina Moreno of Kofa
2nd Place – Tiffany Salahub of Mohave
3rd Place – Mercedes De la Rosa of Flowing Wells
4th Place – Sheyla Padia of Tolleson

1st Place – Jazmine Lobato of Mohave
2nd Place – Taliyah Armstrong of Westwood
3rd Place – Glenda Cosgrove of Bisbee
4th Place – Celeste Payan of Socorro

1st Place – Jasmine Jacquay of Tombstone
2nd Place – Lilianna Rojel of Marana
3rd Place – Iyanla Thomas of Westwood
4th Place – Danissa Serrano of Bisbee

1st Place – Jennifer Curry of Hamilton
2nd Place – Sierra Chapman of Boulder Creek
3rd Place – Alianna Vega of Douglas
4th Place – Rebecca Navar of Tolleson

1st Place – Mia Didur of Centennial
2nd Place – Stefanie Valencia of Westwood
3rd Place – Sofia Rubio of Marcos De Niza
4th Place – Athiana Hernandez of Sunnyside

1st Place – Jazmyn Barela of Mohave

1.Sunnyside 270
2.Desert Vista 220.5
3.Walden Grove 213
4.Silver 183.5
5.Kofa 163
5.Safford 163
7.Boulder Creek 162
8.Ironwood Ridge 149.5
9.Canyon Del Oro 129.5
10.Cienega 123.5
11.Tucson 111
12.Hamilton 106
13.Willcox 98
14.Pueblo 95
15.Centennial 83.5
16.Gila Ridge 76
17.Marcos de Niza 67.5
18.Sahuarita 62
19.Thunderbird 59.5
20.Douglas 51.5
21.Prescott 47.5
22.Casa Grande 38
23.Catalina Foothills 30
24.Paradise Valley 25
25.Sahuaro 24
26.Flowing Wells 17
27.Sabino 15
28.Desert Mountain 14
29.Socorro 13
30.El Paso Americas 7
31.Amphitheater 4
31.Rio Rico 4
33.Santa Rita 3
34.Palo Verde 0


1st Place – Brendon Olsen of Silver
2nd Place – Thomas Kinnebrew of Safford
3rd Place – Romeo Avalos of Canyon Del Oro
4th Place – Victor Lopez of Sunnyside
5th Place – Jose Menjivar of Kofa
6th Place – Gavin Gonzalez of Marcos de Niza

1st Place – James Brown of Sunnyside
2nd Place – Noah Kasprowicz of Boulder Creek
3rd Place – Eric Ramos of Hamilton
4th Place – Vince Marin of Silver
5th Place – Gabriel Castillo of Walden Grove
6th Place – Julian Ayala of Kofa

1st Place – Owen Berry of Walden Grove
2nd Place – Jaime Rivera of Sunnyside
3rd Place – Caleb Pool of Tucson Magnet
4th Place – Jordan Busch of Casa Grande Union
5th Place – Raul Aispuro of Kofa
6th Place – Cole Hickey of Cienega

1st Place – Diego Guerrero of Walden Grove
2nd Place – Jesse Ybarra of Sunnyside
3rd Place – Tariq Hornbuckle of Desert Vista
4th Place – Isai Alonso of Kofa
5th Place – Isaiah Valenzuela of Hamilton
6th Place – Trey Trejo of Canyon Del Oro

1st Place – Bobby Tellez of Cienega
2nd Place – Zeke Marquez of Silver
3rd Place – Jarrett Christofferson of Boulder Creek
4th Place – Malik Shuaibe-jones of Marcos de Niza
5th Place – Gabriel Howard of Sahuarita
6th Place – Ibrahim Saudi of Tucson Magnet

1st Place – McKade Finch of Safford
2nd Place – Roberto Santamaria of Tucson Magnet
3rd Place – Kelby Flowers of Willcox
4th Place – Federico Robles of Sunnyside
5th Place – Brent Ward of Ironwood Ridge
6th Place – Matthew Castro of Kofa

1st Place – Alfonso Martinez of Desert Vista
2nd Place – Evan Killgore of Walden Grove
3rd Place – Daniel Rios of Kofa
4th Place – Issac Evans of Hamilton
5th Place – Alan Montesinos of Thunderbird
6th Place – Matthew Ebert of Centennial

1st Place – Anthony Echemendia of Sunnyside
2nd Place – Dawon Andrews of Safford
3rd Place – Payton Billings of Ironwood Ridge
4th Place – Anthony Morales of Kofa
5th Place – Ote Allsup of Willcox
6th Place – Julies Escandon of Hamilton

1st Place – Sheldon Cole of Boulder Creek
2nd Place – Preston Cameau of Desert Vista
3rd Place – Michael Aguirre of Silver
4th Place – Marcos Gamez of Walden Grove
5th Place – Zane Mckissick of Canyon Del Oro
6th Place – Carlos Urias of Kofa

1st Place – Robert White of Safford
2nd Place – Jose Beltran of Ironwood Ridge
3rd Place – Justice Smith of Desert Vista
4th Place – Nathaniel Lucero of Silver
5th Place – Dominique Johnson of Cienega
6th Place – Koby Coates of Prescott

1st Place – Elijah Wyatt of Sunnyside
2nd Place – Charles Hindley of Pueblo Magnet
3rd Place – Chance Sasser of Ironwood Ridge
4th Place – Michael Moreno of Boulder Creek
5th Place – Briggs Baldwin of Safford
6th Place – Jax Desoto of Canyon Del Oro

1st Place – Armando Delgado of Desert Vista
2nd Place – James Soto of Sunnyside
3rd Place – Ricardo Avelar of Walden Grove
4th Place – Luca Moili of Ironwood Ridge
5th Place – Taylor Deibert of Gila Ridge
6th Place – Dylan Wampler of Centennial

1st Place – Jackson Edwards of Walden Grove
2nd Place – Damien Montiel of Douglas High
3rd Place – Omar Ibanez of Pueblo Magnet
4th Place – Isaiah Webb of Cienega
5th Place – Julian Moreno of Canyon Del Oro
6th Place – Jaylen Johnson of Desert Vista

1st Place – Brett Johnson of Desert Vista
2nd Place – Adam Alvarenga of Walden Grove
3rd Place – Adrian Monreal of Sunnyside
4th Place – Jacob Moore of Boulder Creek
5th Place – George Roeder of Centennial
6th Place – Isaiah Sanchez of Silver


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