Sun Belt College League

Kino Sun Belt College League: Stat Leaders, Standings & 4th of July All-Star Game & Fireworks


3: Adrian Martinez, Team Tucson
2: Angel Faras, Kings
2: Jesus Lopez, BNL Rockets
2: Ricky Martinez, Tucson Champs
2: Andres Mendoza, Aztecs

6: Nathan Baez, Tucson Champs
4: Ajay Ram, Aztecs
4: Luis Samorano, Tucson Champs
3: Christopher Dunn, Aztecs
3: Stockton Pringle, Aztecs

12: Nathan Baez, Tucson Champs
8: Ajay Ram, Aztecs
6: Angel Faras, Kings
6: Jacob Federico, Tucson Champs
6: Matthew Hackman, Team Tucson
5: Christopher Dunn, Aztecs
5: Elijah Hart, Tucson Champs
5: Adrian Martinez, Team Tucson
5: Patrick McGee, Team Tucson
5: Kiko Romero, BNL Rockets
5: Luis Samorano, Tucson Champs

Sam Gustafson, Rincon Knights: 7-11 (.636)
Nathan Baez, Tucson Champs: 11-20 (.550)
Christopher Dunn, Aztecs: 5-10 (.500)
Ajay Ram, Aztecs, 7-14 (.500)
Seth Nager, BNL Rockets: 6-13 (.462)
Alec Acevedo, Team Tucson: 6-14 (.429)
Sean Hahn, Cochise Stars: 6-14 (.429)
Austin Kominek, Kings: 6-14 (.429)
Kiko Romero, BNL Rockets: 6-14 (.429)
Angel Faras, Kings: 8-19 (.421)
Adrian Martinez¸ Team Tucson: 5-12 (.417)
Luis Morales, Team Tucson: 5-12 (.417)
Matthew Hackman, Team Tucson: 7-17 (.412)

15: Jose Contreras, Tucson Champs
13: Tyler Gray, Tucson Champs
13: Troy Gutbub, Kings
11: Phillip Hindes, Kings
11: Jonathan Lerma, Kings
10: Adam Belloc, BNL Rockets
10: Alex Phillips, Team Tucson
10: Sherrick Sanborn, Cochise Stars
9: Jimmy Norris, Cochise Stars
8: Cole Altherr, Tucson Champs
8: Jayse Burkett, Rincon Knights
8: Mason Millett, Aztecs
8: Mason Piert, BNL Rockets
8: Benjamin Tighe, Rincon Knights


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