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VIDEOS: Tucson Youth Football & Spirit Federation Achieves Sweep in Regionals, 13U All-Star Team Prepares for National Tournament

Over the last four days, starting Thursday night, the successful and meaningful Tucson Youth Football & Spirit Federation has come to the forefront in the youth-sports community of this city.

We had as our guest on Thursday night at Wings Over Broadway at Camino Seco one part of the 13/14U All-Star team that will travel to Orlando, Fla., on Dec. 7 for a tournament that will run Dec. 9-13. The other part of the team joined us Sunday at Frog & Firkin for another show to highlight the players as the prepare for the national competition.

TYFSF is in search of corporate sponsors to help fund the travel of the 13U All-Star team to Orlando, Fla., on Dec. 7. Please click on this link for contact information.

These players will be on high school football fields next season, many of them at the varsity level.

In the middle of that, this weekend, four teams from Tucson that won the city championship two weeks ago played in the Desert Mountain Regional championships at Phoenix. The TYFSF had a clean sweep of the teams there. They are all headed to Florida for the national tournament.

The title teams are the 10U Southwest Rams, 12U Tucson Jaguars and 14U Oro Valley Dolphins.

Here are the Facebook Live videos of our interviews from Thursday and Sunday with the all-stars:

Here is the roster of the 13/14U All-Star Teams and the cheer:


Danixa McKenzie, Tucson Redskins
Jadelyn Mendez, Tucson Wildcats
Jezeray Lopez, Tucson Redskins
Nissie Arellano, Tucson Wildcats
Ariana Benitez, Tucson Wildcats
Lindsey Mada, Tucson Redskins
Kayla Dalton, Tucson Redskins
Neva Salmon, Tucson Wildcats
Kaylana Derrick, Tucson Wildcats
Julissa Estrada, Tucson Wildcats
Sadie Pearce, Tucson Wildcats
Zabrina Negrete, Tucson Redskins
Emma Morales, Tucson Redskins
Camille Alejandrez, Tucson Redskins
Megan Goodwill, Tucson Wildcats
Celeste Badilla, Tucson Redskins


33 Alexandro Vargas Felix/Oro Valley Dolphins

77 Giovanna Arenas/Tucson Raiders

75 Jaime Charles/Marana Broncos

13 Luis Cordova/Tucson Raiders

98 Jacob Cota/Tucson Redskins

85 Frank Dicochen/Southwest Rams

99 Jose Roberto Heredia/Tucson Raiders

63 Julian Lopez/Tucson Raiders

7 Leland Marshall/Tucson Redskins

70 Jayden Noperi/Marana Broncos

56 Brayden Wolfe/Vail Vikings

55 Sa’Kylee Woodard/Oro Valley Dolphins

Reserve All-Star Linemen
60 Kennedy Ellsworth/Tucson Wildcats
38 Martin Gonzalez/Tucson Redskins
86 Hector Reyes/Tucson Redskins
55 Izaiah Reyes/Southwest Rams

Skill Players

11 Chris Acuna/Tucson Raider

36 Joe Alba/Oro Valley Dolphins

25 Diego Arellano/Southwest Rams

5 Jackson Banhie/Sahuarita 49er’s

86 Savaughn Berryhill/Tucson Falcons

25 Chance Cassel/Oro Valley Dolphins

23 Edgardo Flores/Sahuarita 49ers

22 Ciaosen Fuller/Tucson Raiders

5 Samario Garcia/Tucson Raiders

34 Orlando Gonzalez/Tucson Raiders

1 Cameron Hackworth/Tucson Raiders

4 De Sean Jaiman/Sahuarita 49ers

17 Michael Brody Jones/Oro Valley Dolphins

14 Chase Laux/Oro Valley Dolphins

30 Kaden Luke/Oro Valley Dolphins

5 Tyler Martinez/Oro Valley Dolphins

7 Gabriel Smith/Sahuarita 49ers

33 Devon Waxwood/Tucson Falcons

Reserve All-Star Skill Players
Dylan Carrillo/Tucson Redskins
88 Zavian Lopez/Marana Broncos
24 Tristan McClelland/Oro Valley Dolphins
4 Josiah Thornwell/Southwest Rams
43 Manny Morales/Tucson Raiders
50 Jaimie Ramirez/Marana Broncos

Here are some photos of the teams that won regional titles this weekend:

10U Southwest Rams

(10U Southwest Rams photo)

12U Tucson Jaguars

(12U Tucson Jaguars photo)

14U Oro Valley Dolphins

14U Oro Valley Dolphins)
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