Arizona Wildcats Showcase Depth versus Monmouth

Coming into Monday’s matchup versus Monmouth Arizona was down a player in Sevval Gul who suffered a concussion in practice. Then, in the middle of the second quarter, Mara Mote and Dominique McBryde went down with what looked to be severe sprains. So, with Arizona being down a couple of players, it gave other people a chance to step up.

They would do so, as the bench scored 37 of Arizona’s 86-points, smashing Monmouth 86-34 in another comfortable victory. The two players off the bench that stood out from the rest were Semaj Smith and Helena Pueyo, who combined for 30 of Arizona’s 37 bench points. Plus, they were able to collect nine rebounds along the way.

One issue that continues to be a problem for Arizona is rebounding the basketball. Outside of Texas on the road, Arizona has been playing an easy schedule against teams with a high disadvantage. Still, they haven’t been dominate on the boards completely throughout a game. The final rebounding total against Monmouth was 41-32 Arizona; they were never able to pull away in that category.

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