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Brenden and Colin Schooler Another In Long Line of Brothers to Play Together for Arizona Wildcats

When Oregon graduate transfer receiver Brenden Schooler announced last weekend that he will play his final season at Arizona with his brother — linebacker Colin Schooler — it brought to mind some of the more memorable brother combinations to play on the same team with the Wildcats.

The list of highly successful siblings includes Ricky and LaMonte Hunley, Chris and Kevin Singleton, and Joe and Paul Tofflemire.

The most recent set of brothers to play together at Arizona was in 2011 when tight end Jack Baucus lined up near offensive lineman Mickey Baucus and played with prolific quarterback Nick Foles.

Colin and Brenden Schooler will play in college together for one season next year (Arizona Athletics photo)

The first of the 27 brother combinations to suit up together — not including Brenden and Colin Schooler until they do so — was way back in 1903 and 1904 when Arizona school newspaper editor-in-chief Kirke Tonner Moore gave it the old college try to play with his brother Roy Webb Moore, a civil engineer student.

Who can forget the Arneson and Arnason brothers?

In a strange twist of fate in 1969 and 1970, the Wildcats featured Palo Verde graduates Mark and Jim Arneson at the same time as brothers Hal and Kim Arnason. The Arnasons hailed from Bellingham, Wash.

Mark and Jim Arneson went on to play in the NFL after their Arizona careers

Mark Arneson, a linebacker, was one of the most successful to play at Arizona. In 1972, he was drafted in the second round by the St. Louis Cardinals, where he played for nine years.

Jim, who played at guard and center on the offensive line, played three years in the NFL after his Arizona career ended in 1972.

Ricky (89) and LaMonte Hunley (Arizona Athletics photo)

There was Gronk — Rob Gronkowski — and his brother Chris together with the Wildcats in 2008.

Arizona’s radio analyst Lamont Lovett played with the Wildcats with his brother Lamar (an assistant at Pusch Ridge High School) from 1991-93.

Kevin Singleton, left, mother Margaret Singleton and Chris Singleton pose for a picture during the twins’ playing days at Arizona. Kevin never lost to ASU in six games (Singleton family photo)

Noted twins who played with the Wildcats included the Singletons from 1986-89, Bradford and Stadford Glover (1997-99), Gil and Wil Gonzales (1950-52) and Cary and Gary Taylor (1993-95).

Here is a complete list of the Arizona band of brothers determined through my research utilizing the Arizona media guide and

WR Hal Arnason 1968-70
LB Kim Arnason 1970

LB Mark Arneson 1969-71
OT Jim Arneson 1970-72

TE Jack Baucus 2010-11
OT Mickey Baucus 2011-14

Allen Tracy Bird Jr. 1910
Walter Duane Bird 1910, 11

LB Fred Bledsoe 1974-78
OG Jay Bledsoe 1971-74

OL Glenn F. Bowers 1953-54
OL Larry W. Bowers 1951-53

DT Keoni Fraser 1999-2001
C Keoki Fraser 2001-04

OL Makai Freitas 1997-2000
OL Makoa Freitas 1998-2002

LB Bradford Glover 1997
LB Stadford Glover 1997-99

HB Gil Gonzales 1950-52
DE Wil Gonzales 1950-52

FB Chris Gronkowski 2008-09
TE Rob Gronkowski 2007-08

LB LaMonte Hunley 1981-84
LB Ricky Hunley 1980-83

LB Jerry Krohn 1979-80
QB Jim Krohn 1976-79

WR Lamar Lovett 1991-94
RB Lamont Lovett 1990-93

George Merritt 1913
Richard Merritt 1909-13

Kirke Moore 1900-03
Roy Moore 1902-04

QB William Asa Porter 1914-15
HB Carter C. Porter 1915-17

K T.J. Rodriquez 1994-1998
K Orlando Rodriquez 1998-2001

FB Bernie Ruman 1942
HB Bob Ruman 1940-42

LB Chris Singleton 1986-89
LB Kevin Singleton 1986-89

LB Jimmy Sprotte 1994-97
LB Scooter Sprotte 1995-99

WR Cary Taylor 1992-95
RB Gary Taylor 1993-96

LB Ransom Terrell 1971-73
FB Steve Terrell 1972

C Paul Tofflemire 1988-91
C Joe Tofflemire 1985-88

LB Apaiata Tuihalamaka 2008-10
DE Sione Tuihalamaka 2010-13

OT Ega Usu 1997-99
OT Tevete Usu 1995-97

LB Brent Wood 1983-86
DT David Wood 1981-84

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