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Nnaji going pro; when will Mannion and Green do the same?

Arizona freshman Zeke Nnaji reportedly is going pro.

Hell, who didn’t know this? In fact, it was more of a “when and not an if” and has been that way for months.

On Saturday morning, CBS Sports’ Jon Rothstein reported the news. He could have done this in January and wouldn’t have been wrong.

My guess now is fellow UA freshman Nico Mannion will declare in the next couple of days and teammate Josh Green will follow shortly after.

Didn’t we already know this about Mannion and Green in, um, early fall, summer?

But in a one-sentence tweet, Rothstein reported Nnaji will declare.

Yawn. He was gone when he was hitting better than 70 percent of his shots in December and was one of college basketball’s phenoms at the time.

Last year or so, Nnaji told colleague Matt Moreno it was his goal to be a one-and-done player. And, well, that’s what he is and was.

He averaged a team-leading 16.1 points a game and 8.6 rebounds after starting all 32 games. He was the Pac-12’s Freshman of the Year and a First Team all-Pac-12 player.

He did, however, cool to 57 percent from the floor after a scorching hot start.

Zeke Nnaji

Now we will wait for the not-so-breaking news that Mannion will declare and Green will follow. Heck, Sean Miller announced Mannion’s departure a few months ago.

Fellas, you’re now on the clock.

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