Senior Class Letters

Senior Letter to Class of 2020: Amphi’s Jacob Anich has reached out for high school seniors to write the class of 2020 a letter during this unique time of their schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s letter was written by Amphi High School cheerleader Jacob Anich, who played football as a sophomore but has been part of the Panthers’ cheerleading crew the last two years. He will attend the University of Arizona and major in Engineering.

Class of 2020,

As a senior myself, I know that these past few months have been hard. Despite the hardships, look at where we all are now. Each and every one of us looked forward to the day that we finished high school, and even though it may not be what everyone else has gotten in the past or even what we may have imagined, we still did it. Feel accomplished. Feel proud. Keep pushing forward.

This past semester was hard on me and my family anyway due to previous health issues. When I heard that I was going to be getting at least an extra week to stay home and help my family, I was relieved. After the first week and no idea if or when school would reopen, I became worried. AP exams were quickly approaching and there had been no new learning or studying in class. When the official decision was made for schools to close, I almost felt relieved because I knew what was going on, but I also knew it would be hard.

It was hard. Not being at school to learn. Not seeing friends. Not getting to participate in all of the events that our friends from years past experienced and continued to talk about. We found a way to move past that, though. There were online “proms” and get-togethers over ZOOM. We pushed past the idea of social activities and worked our ways to our diplomas knowing that one day soon, we will be able to see our friends again.

Every one of you seniors got that title through hard work, resilience, determination and pride. Pride in who you are, your academic abilities, and pride in the school you go to. Some show this pride through academic accomplishments while others showed it through participating in things like student government and clubs around campus. I chose to show my Amphi pride through athletics along with many others. Be proud of yourself and what you’ve done to get to this point because I am proud of you all.

High school is just the beginning for all of us. Some of us will go onto college, pursue education and make an impact through the knowledge we will continue to obtain. Many may go straight into the workforce. Now more than ever, we know how essential you all will become. I cannot list every amazing outcome that could come out of your choices moving forward but I am certain that it will leave a mark. Congratulations to the class of 2020 seniors and keep moving forward!

2020 Proud Senior,

Jacob Anich

Amphitheater High School

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