Student-Athlete Spotlight

Student-Athlete Spotlight: Catalina Foothills’ Standout Golfing Twins Libby & Caroline Axen is running a series of brief stories about Southern Arizona high school senior student-athletes entering this school year. The series, first-person accounts from the student-athletes, continues with a profile on twins Libby and Caroline Axen, who are standout golfers at Catalina Foothills.

Libby Axen

School: Catalina Foothills

College commitment: Embry-Riddle

Honors/background: 2020 Southern Arizona Preseason All-Star.

Libby Axen (Andy Morales/

When I started to golf, I was very young and did not play a ton, mostly just with family and in the summer. It wasn’t until middle school when I started to take the game more seriously. Not until my freshman year of high school I started to compete and literally fell in love with the game.

For 2020-2021, my greatest hope is that I will be able to compete in the state championship and return to school for in-person learning while keeping everyone I love and care about safe and healthy. I am really looking forward to meeting any new members of the team and getting my season started.

We have several girls returning from the previous years, and these girls have grown to be some of my closest friends. They are truly my golf family, and I am really excited for my final season to be with them all. It makes me sad to realize how much I will miss them once I graduate.

I am hoping that European travel will open and that I can take a fun trip with my twin sister right after graduation before we go to different colleges. Beyond that trip, I am going to go play golf at Embry-Riddle up in Prescott and plan to study either Cyber Security or Forensic Accounting.

Caroline Axen

School: Catalina Foothills

Honors/background: 2020 Southern Arizona Preseason All-Star.

Though I can definitely say that I have improved in regard to my actual game, I would say that the most drastic improvement is my mental game and who I am as an overall player.

Caroline Axen (Andy Morales/

As a freshman, as I became more serious about golf. My mental response to a bad round or even bad shots was a lot more negative and it made me enjoy golf less. Now, I have so much more fun because I have a really positive attitude towards my game.

I also knew how to play golf, but really knew nothing about the rules whereas now I have a really good understanding of etiquette and rules where I can be a model to girls. I will always be there to help less experienced girls in areas that I used to struggle with.

Caroline Axen is already an accomplished baker (Axen photo)

At this point, my senior year has started unlike I ever imagined, so I would say my biggest hope for 2020-21 is to eventually have a senior year that is as close to normal as possible. Hopefully I get to play at least part of a golf season and to get back in school where I can learn and get to experience my last parts of high school before my next stage of life.

What do I like most about my team this year? This is a funny question because we actually haven’t gotten a chance to have any practices, or even have our usual tryouts, so we haven’t even met as a team yet this year. But overall, I love the girls on my team from last year and am really looking forward to us all hopefully being able to play and see each other again soon because I really miss them and love our team. Everyone is so supportive and fun to be around.

Other than golf, my biggest focus is my hobby, baking. I currently own a baking business from my home and spend almost all my free time baking. Beyond high school, my goal is to attend college and get a business degree. After college, I will then continue on to pastry school and develop my baking skills. I would love to open a bakery one day and make my passion of baking my career/job. Check me out on Instagram: @bakingwithsweetcaroline.

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