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UA’s Miller declines to comment on reported NOA completion

Arizona coach Sean Miller said he had no comment regarding a report that the school has received or will receive a formal Notice of Allegations (NOA) from the NCAA Thursday.

It’s been thought for months that UA would be getting the NOA sometime soon. According to a report by Sports illustrated today (Thursday) is the day.

On a Zoom conference call with national and local reporters, Miller, now in his 12th year with UA, said, “I’m not going to comment on anything that is around, any investigation.” He declined to comment on the report at least a couple of times.

He was on the Zoom call to discuss the upcoming season, which starts late November.

It all stems from the NCAA investigation into the program involving former Arizona players Rawle Alkins and DeAndre Ayton as well as a couple of recruits.

The NOA’s information would alert UA officials to what the NCAA found in its investigation, one that seemingly started after UA was one of a number of schools involved in alleged misconduct regarding NCAA rules. Miller is implicated given he is the school’s head coach and there have been published accounts through wiretaps and court documents.

There’s a good chance Arizona officials will not state whether they have received the NOA or not. Other schools involved have not indicted they have.

Arizona’s problems began early Sept. 26, 2017 when former UA assistant coach Book Richardson was arrested and charged for taking $20,000 in bribes in exchange for steering potential recruits to agent runner Christian Dawkins.

Arizona was mentioned in the two federal trials the last two years.

Miller vehemently has denied any knowledge of NCAA wrong doing or taking part in any.

Richardson plead guilty and served three months in federal prison last year. If the report is true, Arizona’s 2020-21 season would likely not be affected given the appeal process could take months before any issues are resolved or action is taken.

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