Konnichiwa From Japan: Former Sabino softball standout Kelsey Harshman’s Diary from the Tokyo Olympics (Meeting other Athletes)

(Kelsey Harshman Photos)


After a long bus ride back from Fukushima last night, we had a great sleep back in the village. My little cardboard bed may not look super comfortable but I have to say I sleep so well on it! A lot of my teammates, including myself where a whoop band and it tracks a bunch of different things. Sleep is one of my favorite features, tracking HRV, RHR, REM sleep, deep sleep and so on. After sleeping on the cardboard bed I woke up 98% recovered!

After a great sleep in I moseyed on over to breakfast and started my pin trading! I remember pin trading at tournaments growing up and just how intense it can be! My favorite pin so far has been from Australia, they have a kangaroo with the Olympic Rings! We also went back to the souvenir store, which was absolute madness! Everyone who is anyone was there cleaning out all the shelves. It was very sad because the softball merchandise was slender picking BUT I did manage to grab some key chains and pins. On our way back to Canada house we continued our pin trading, which of course sparked conversations. Today was the first day where I got to speak to multiple different countries, definitely a highlight of my day!


Later that evening we had a review of our upcoming game, Australia! Because today was opening ceremonies and unfortunately we couldn’t attend because we have an early game the next day. So as a team we decided to wear our gear for opening ceremonies attire to the meeting! We were very bummed that we couldn’t attend opening ceremonies. So I’m gonna call out my mom and say I hope you taped them for me because I want to watch when I get back! I will definitely share more photos throughout the next couple entries of more of our sweet Olympic gear! All I’m going to say is SWAGGY & Jean jacket, HA!

As I lay my head down on my pillow before a big game tomorrow, I snuggle up with my buddy, Komak. He is my stuffed moose!

As tomorrow comes I hope everyone tunes into some great softball! I can’t emphasize enough just how truly special this game is. If you can’t feel the passion and love I have for this game through these entries feel free to take me to dinner and I promise you I’ll get the point across! 

Alrighty, I’m hitting the hay!

Until next time, folks and remember GO CANADA GO!!

Kelsey Harshman (Jenkins) was a standout softball and soccer player at Sabino before she went on to star for Wisconsin where she earned multiple recognitions:

Three-time Academic All-Big Ten (2016, 2017, 2018)
First three-time first-team All-Big Ten selection in program history
2017 All-Big Ten Defensive Team
NCAA Tournament All-Region Team
NFCA Great Lake All-Region second team (2017, 2018)
First freshman in UW history to be named First-team All-Big Ten (2015)
2016 Best Offense Award (UW Coaches)
2015 Canadian Junior Women’s National Team

Besides multiple appearance for Canada, Harshman also played for the Canadian Wild of the NPF and she was part of Athletes Unlimited.

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